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08 September, 2015

Resort Seafood Steamboat @ Resort Hotel, Genting Highlands, Pahang

As much as I love enjoying the chilly weather in Genting Highlands, I'd prefer having my meal there hot and fresh, for the comfortable sensation of warming the stomach. Latest in the Resort Hotel is the newly revamped Resort Seafood restaurant which serves my favourite communal food-- Steamboat! 

What's better than having a good bonding time with your friends and family while enjoying the invigorating pleasure of do-it-yourself cooking in a hot pot, up at 6,000 feet above sea-level? Ambiance wise, the restaurant boasts a warm, relaxed setting with ample seating that can fit up to 256 persons. I love spacious area like this one, as it does not make one feel stuffy or sweaty at all.

We ordered a Steamboat Set for 8 persons (RM456 for members / RM502 for non-members) which comes with a choice between Tom Yum soup or Herbal Chicken soup base, as well as a fairly generous portion of mushrooms, fish balls, bean curd roll, ostrich meat, chicken slices, pacific clams, Grouper slices, vegetables, eggs and noodles.

Sliced Fresh Grouper Fish(斑片)

 This is definitely for the meat lovers!

Apart from set meals for sharing, you can always order additional plates of meat to satisfy our carnivorous cravings. As for the rest of the ingredients, I am pretty satisfied with the level of freshness that can easily beat any steamboat chain in KL/PJ. 

Chicken Supreme Slices (鸡肉培根)

Grass Prawns (草虾)
Herbal Chicken Soup(药材鸡汤底)served in a Yin-Yang style black pot

The choices of refillable soup base is quite interesting, because a few that caught my attention were Resort Fish Head Soup (鱼头汤底) and Spicy (麻辣) Soup. However, I only managed to try the herbal chicken broth which was not disappointing at all. Simple but rich, nourishing and tummy-comforting!

A hearty steamboat is not complete without a wide array of sauces, and I was happy to find over 20 different types of freshly-prepared sauces at the self-service counter here. From smoothly light soya sauce to premium oyster sauce; green chilli sauce to fiery, slow-burning chili oil, I believe there must be one that suits your taste buds for an instant kick to the simmering hot food. 

Perfect thirst quencher, Freezy Asam Boi

Apart from the basic steamboat set, Resort Seafood restaurant is also an ideal venue for a casual fine-dining occasion, as it serves premium imported catch such as Canadian geoduck (best served with wasabi), Australian snow crab, Boston lobster. I'd love to try them during my next visit!

Steamboat Ice Cream @ RM88

As a finale of our sumptuous meal, we had a large portion of dessert for sharing, which was served in a black steamboat pot. Sitting on the pot was a thick layer of chocolate ice cream, topped with fresh fruits such as jackfruits, lychee, grapes and strawberries. 

Just to show you how big was our dessert!

Overall, it was a delightful meal with a big bunch of friends and having steamboat in the cool hills was indeed a great idea if you were running out of ideas on what to eat in Genting! 

Resort Seafood offers set steamboat menus, from RM108 nett to RM638nett
(two to eight persons, member/non-member prices vary), and a la carte dining (priced by item)

For further enquiries, please call 03-6101 1118 or visit

Resort Seafood
Level 1, Resort Hotel
Business Hours:
Lunch (12noon to 2.30pm)
Dinner (6pm to 10pm)

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