29 November, 2015

French Chocolate Indulgence with The Family

November has been a little rocky for me, nevertheless let's forget about it because it is always the great time well-spent with your loved ones that matters! This month, I managed to celebrate the very special day with my family, since we have 3 November babies in the house. 

Since our birthdays are just a few days away from one another, we'd usually have an ultimate celebration for all. Nothing beats the warmth and enjoyment to gather everyone and have a simple family dinner together ❤ 

This year I have picked a special cake from Cake Sense, something that looks
elegant and classy on the outside and of course must taste good inside.

French Chocolate Box @ RM95 from Cake Sense

I heard from the staff that this is the bestseller among all the flavours such as Red Velvet, Fruit Chantilly and loads more. So, I decided to give it a try since it is freshly baked on the same day during my visit.

The details are just perfect. Love the dainty toppings of 6 pieces of chocolates and 3 chocolate-coated strawberries!

And pieces of chocolate wrapping around the cake like a "gift box" 

Oh yums. Happy Belated Birthday to Daddy, Sis and myself!

But of course, the star of the evening is still my Daddy (and Mummy) :D

Cake cutting time after a sumptuous family dinner!

Oh this is just awesome! The chocolate sponge is layered with fresh chocolate cream and every bite surprises us with crunchy chocolate chips. Despite of being so rich in chocolate, the cake is not too sweet for my liking, and my family loves it too. 

Birthday. An opportunity for us to stop and appreciate all the beautiful things we have been blessed with. Let's enjoy the simplest celebration with the most memorable cake ;)

Don't forget to visit Cake Sense for more cake flavours and designs!
Facebook: fb.com/cakesense
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