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24 November, 2015

Panasonic Beauty: All New Hair Straightener Series

It is my pleasure to be there with the girls at Panasonic Beauty's launch party of its newest range of trendy hair stylers that are specially designed to fit into our busy lifestyles. Now who say busy ladies can have perfectly styled hairstyles within minutes? 

From the latest series of hair straighteners, I notice some similarities among the 3 products-- They can all be used as hair straightener and curler at the same time. Thanks to Panasonic's cutting edge technology, they are made of Even Heat Distribution Plate, with  Color Care Photo Ceramic feature that maintains hair moisture and reduces color fade. 

I love how this range focuses on versatility and convenience that we can enjoy everyday-- Each comes with Quick Heat Up feature that definitely saves my time on hair styling every morning, and perhaps I can enjoy a longer sleep too!

6-Way Multi-styling Hair Straightener (EH-HV51)

The highest range among the trio is this amazingly multi-purpose styler that offers 6 ways of styling including fast straightening or long-lasting curls. It comes with 5 choices of temperatures: From a low 140˚C up to 230˚C. But what wows me is that heating up this product before it is ready to use takes only 15 seconds! 

The best part of it is, it comes with 5 attachments: Medium curl / Large curl / Extra large curl / Super straight / Volume up. Just detach and change according to your preference. ❤ How I'd wish my hair is longer to try out the different styles it is able to create!

2-Way Straight & Curl Hair Straightener (EH-HV20)

Another simpler version of hair straightener like the EH-HV20 model would be sufficient for everyday simple and easy straightening and curling. Personally, I am in love with its 105mm extra long plate that makes it great for creating a long bob with C-curl style within minutes. 

Portable & Compact Straight & Curl Hair Straightener (EH-HV10)

But the most popular choice among the girls during the event is the cute and compact hair straightener that attracts us with its bright colors and diamond-cut storage cap. I must say, with the cap, it looks so classy and beautiful! 

Let's see how compact it is! Measuring just 23.5cm, it can easily fit into the bag, hence is a perfect companion for travelling. Despite of the size, it is equally powerful with color care photo ceramic plate set at a fixed temperature of 210 ˚C. Ready to be used in just 40 seconds of heating! 

Pink, Black and White; Which is your favourite?

A close-up shot of EH-HV10; Did I forget to mention it is beautifully adorned with little diamantes too?

Best used to create the airy Korean bangs for those with fringe :)
Thank you Yoshi from Number76 for styling my hair of the day!

Can I bring this home? 

All items are currently available at Panasonic authorized dealers and online store;
You may want to try it out yourself and be impressed by the goodness! 

Thank you Panasonic Beauty for pampering my hair to keep it silky and stylish at all times!

For more information, call Panasonic Customer Care Centre at 03-7953 7600 or visit:
Instagram: @PanasonicBeautyMalaysia


  1. I know my sisters are in dire need for this as their hair are always in bad situation. Hehehe.
    Thanks for sharing the info on this amazing invention.

  2. wow nice hair tool to use. I think it's important to take care of hair, now we know what suitable tools to use.

  3. I love how the straightener looks so pretty! Im in love with the hot pink one :D

  4. I like pink. :) Can't wait to use the Portable & Compact Straight & Curl Hair Straightener.

  5. Yeo pretty hair tools to make our hair pretty. Love the design and the multipurpose function of it

  6. Panasonic always has a good product. How I wish I have long hair too to try this nice product.

  7. wow... iron ni sesekali ok digunakan
    luru selalu rambut kak no... mai sini fish
    tolong kak no iron

  8. I have to say that I can't keep my eyes off from the Portable & Compact Straight & Curl Hair Straightener. it really tempts m a lot to get one now.. =)

  9. Gorgeous girls with hair stylers make even more gorgeous and chic girls... hahaha

  10. i love all the panasonic beauty range, so special and really works

  11. SO Small and convenient! I would love to have one really!

  12. Seems like a great investment for the girls. I wanna check it out in store soon.

  13. I love the pink colour one. Looks like a great products to style my hair now.

  14. siigh....I am hopeless to do all this by myself, even though I know I save lots of sum, but still I prefer to go saloon :)
    am just lazy...cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  15. Looks amazing. How much is it tho? I've been hunting down for a good hair straighter curling iron :D

  16. I used alot of these kind of styling tools lately since i dyed my hair. Need to maintain, next time ajak me also! Want to test them out first hand :D

  17. Wohh! The packaging is nice! Will check it at the counter soon! ^^

  18. I have been hearing so much about this product recently, would like to try it out too :)

  19. amazing pretty ladies at the event.
    Have always trusted in the quality and innovation of panasonic. Good product!

  20. Heard about this but I have not try the products yet. The packaging looks fun and kawaii. Will check out soon.

  21. I try not to style my hair so much because of my "weak scalp" condition. But this product looks pretty good.

  22. A hair straightener can be of various sorts, either mechanical or straighteners for curly hair


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