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24 January, 2016

Sorabee Korean Skincare is Now Open at Da:Men USJ Shopping Mall

A premium Korean skincare brand has recently landed at Da:Men USJ shopping mall (Check out my post about what's inside this mall: HERE), and it is Sorabee, meaning "honey from the sea" in Korean.

True to its name, Sorabee is the first company in the world to successfully extract a high quality collagen from sea star, which is now a major ingredient in its products. Sorabee's collagen-rich and minerals-packed products help to naturally combat skin problems, repair damaged skin cells and promote skin elasticity.

Sorabee Balancing Series

Its latest standalone open concept counter draws on the concept of an aquarium decorated sea stars. The inviting blue ocean-inspired walls sparkle with exuberance of tiny lights that accentuate the breezy simplicity of the varied offerings that boast beneficial marine ingredients.

Looking at the various ranges of products, I notice most of them are water-based, hence lightweight and non-sticky, which is why I like them.

The star product that I'd recommend is this much-raved Balancing Aqua Cream. It feels like a moisturizing lotion on the skin, but turns into tiny water droplets when spread evenly, best for effective absorption into the skin.

I understand that many K-pop stars are using this brand too, so you're now one step closer towards achieving youthful and radiant skin like the artists!

From cream to water droplets, there will be no residue on the skin!

Sorabee Whitening Series-- Ideal for those with dull and pigmented skin,
it adds radiance, moisture and firmness to the skin.

The Whitening Eye Serum with roller is a must-try for the puffy eyes!

Sorabee Anti-Wrinkle Series
Best to energize skin and reduce the appearance of all signs of aging such as wrinkles.

Bello-Vita Anti-aging Skincare Series

It is an amazing premium skincare series for the middle-aged and above. It comes with articulated bio-cell system, a fermentation technology, bio and nano technology to penetrate into the skin for ultimate moisture and revitalizing benefits.

Bello-Vita Crystal Cushion (15g)

Another great product I found in Sorabee is this all-in-one cushion compact with wrinkle care, whitening and UV protection features. It melts weightlessly on the skin, while its mattifying and hydrating effects keep the skin smooth and healthy-looking.

Just press one pump with the puff and it is sufficient to dab over entire face.

All Sorabee products are priced reasonably from RM63.60 to RM121.90, which is a pleasant surprise to me as some may be just a fraction of the price of similar Korean products. If you are looking for effective Korean skincare but with a tight budget, feel free to check out Sorabee counters!

Check out Sorabee's stores at:
Da:Men USJ: G-K2 & K3, Ground Floor
Main Place USJ21: Lot 1FK-02A, 1st Floor
The Mines: TM-L3-TK4, Level 3
Quill City Mall: Unit 2-42, 2nd Floor
Taiping Mall: Lot 1K-11 & 1K-13, 1st Floor
Sunway Carnival Mall: Unit F-K6, 1st Floor
Gurney Plaza: Lot 170-05-07, Level 5

For more information, please visit or


  1. Oh wow the cream looks so interesting changing into water droplets. It sure will be absorbed into the skin easier. The compact cushion looks really interesting too

  2. Looks like a really good product. especially the cream that changes into water droplets. Need to drop by and see how that works on my skin

  3. Wah sounds interesting that they managed to extract collagen from sea star.
    Plus, the prices are so affordable.
    Will be sure to check them out!

  4. Looks like a lot of brands are opening up at Da:Men dear and I have to say that this range looks really good. The balancing water cream seems so divine for those with dry skin as well :)

  5. For Sorabee to be the first to extract a high quality collagen from sea star it quite a big deal and yo use their products is as well. K Pop stars using the products also shows that the product is amazing indeed

  6. I like the anti aging series. This is what Im looking for.Glad that they even have one at Taiping Mall , my home town.

  7. wow price sound reasonable, passing by that day. I Was in hurry that time, shall go back to check soon.

  8. Bello-Vita Crystal Cushion looks not bad! All in one somore. will try it out soonest!

  9. I find that korean moisturizing products are really good or at least to me cause my face is just so meddlesome sometimes. got really interested that the cream became water droplets! will try this one soon!

  10. I love this brand... the products seem to work pretty well for me.. I love using the balancing cream at night ... it leaves my skin so soft and moisturized in the morning.

  11. yay another Korean brand,curious with the cushion, how many shade they have?

    1. Hi Uswatun, it comes in only one shade as it changes according to the skin color :) so you dont have to worry that the shade might get too light/ too dark. It suits all skin tones.

  12. I've not heard of this brand before but I like that the cushion is suitable for all skin tones. I am surprised by its price range too.

  13. yes to young and radian skin! such a bonus that the price range is so affordable!

  14. The balancing aqua cream damn ons! Especially when it turns into water droplet! i was shocked to experience it myself too!

  15. The cream to water droplet looks really promising to use! Gonna pay a visit this Sorabee next time!

  16. Looks like a really good product.
    One of the outlet is near to my house, should try on the cream that changes into water droplets.

  17. i heard about this product and is good. Help to lock the moisture of your skin.

  18. So many new brands opening in DaMen!! And now with our bad economy and people struggling with low pay, they come and tempt us even more. Nuuuuuu! My wallet feeling the pain lol

  19. Planning to go Da Men on this weekend, if got time will drop by Sorabee.

  20. Like the result. wish to use it too.

  21. I have tried some of the Sorabee products before. The bb cushion looks interesting.

  22. oh my.. i missed this opening. Was there a couple of days back though.. very nice blue colours/

  23. the puff cushion looks good, i hope they sell the refill there too. i have so many cushions but no refill, feels wasted.

  24. I like this brand for its quality, would like to try out their this new product too :)

  25. Quite an affordable range for an international brand. Products look amazing!


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