12 November, 2016

BORDERS Beyond Books: Relaunch at The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, KL

BORDERS: Beyond Books

It is sad to see the poor reading culture in Malaysia especially when pressured by the forces of digital change. Probably because they find the bookstores too boring? But at the same time, bookstores are also evolving to fit into your lifestyle and slowly turning into your ideal everyday hangout venue.

Let's take a look at the all-new BORDERS at The Garden Malls (Second floor, directly above Alexis)... Guess what, BORDERS is now going beyond books!

The redesigned BORDERS outlet at The Gardens Mall gives a total 360-degree experience change to the traditional bookstore environment. 

Under a cheerful setting with warm hues of wood furnishings and trims, the new 7,500 square feet store offers lots of cool and fun stuff other than books. Stepping into the outlet itself gives an inviting and comfortable feel that makes it a pleasant place to hang out.

Tucked at one section of the store, there are plenty of gadgets with a brand new Radioshack look, Garmin and Fitbit watches, collectible figurines from Little Monsters, board games from Imagine Games.

ReRo Robot Construction Kit

At the centre of the store, BORDERS also features an island coffee bar by Starbuckswith plenty of sofa and table surrounding the bar. Quiet, peaceful and ideal for those who want to enjoy a good read with a cup of coffee, or work with the laptops and Starbucks food.

With such tranquil ambiance, I really wouldn't mind chilling here for hours, doing things at my own ease!

Disney Galore!! Meet the collection of itty bittys from Hallmark!

And my favourite Disney Tsum Tsum!!

Stretchy, colorful hair ties

.....and a lot more greeting cards and novelty gifts by Memory Lane and Hallmark.

There is also an extensive children's section with bean bags and space for small community events. BORDERS will be hosting plenty of interesting events regularly such as Hallmark's Match Attax, Swap & Play competition and Wongamania launch by Imagine Games.

Yes, we are hardworking kids who read!

There are also a couple of window-side seats for customers to have nice chats and enjoy the bright natural light.
Well...of course let's not forget about the books! With over 230,000 copies of 28,000 titles on topics from fiction to hobbies (Art, photography, cooking, design, humor, etc), the storenew concept bookstore is simply your library! 

Honestly, I have never seen a bookstore like this, and am totally amazed about the concept.
Come experience the new BORDERS bookstore yourselves like you have never experienced one before!

BORDERS: Beyond Books
Level 2, The Gardens Mall
(above Alexis Restaurant)
Instagram: @borders_my
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm daily


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