11 November, 2016

Review: MARY KAY Botanical Effects for Natural Skin Complexion

It's time for a change of skincare! ❤ Well, people often thought that our skin will adapt to the skincare products that we have been using for years, and need to change new products every new and then. No, that's not true.

The reason I love trying new sets of skincare is to discover the goodness of new products, who knows it may suit me better than the existing ones I am using?
Plus, the old Mary Kay Botanical Effects® skincare line has just been revamped and reintroduced in a whole new packaging and formula. How can I not try it out? For those with sensitive skin, perhaps you may tend to be more careful in trying new skincare. But no worries, Mary Kay Botanical Effects® series is suitable for all skin typss. 

So, what’s new? Everything! This skincare range is now simplified and more skin-friendly with an added boost of antioxidants. Hence, it becomes more effortless to have nourished and refreshed skin at all times. 

The range features 5 key products: 
#1. ❤ Botanical Effects Cleansing Gel: Cleans deeply and dissolves sebum.
#2. ❤ Botanical Effects Invigorating Scrub: Exfoliates to remove dead and dull skin, leaving pores feeling deeply cleaned.
#3. ❤ Botanical Effects Refreshing Toner: Wipes away traces of dirt and dead skin cells for a complete clean.
#4. ❤ Botanical Effects Moisturizing Gel: Quick-absorbing, grease-free gel that moisturizes for 12 hours.
#5. ❤ Botanical Effects Moisturizing Lotion SPF30 Sunscreen: Sun protection plus a full 12 hours of moisturization.

The pink and green packaging of Mary Kay Botanical Effects® series is a resemblance of the colors of natural ingredients it uses: dragon fruit and aloe. Also known as pitaya, the dragonfruit is dubbed as a "super fruit" because of its rich mineral content, and antioxidants to help fight skin-damaging free radicals.

On the other hand, aloe is famous for being one of the most nutritious plants in the world since centuries ago. Aloe gel contains more than 75 nutrients, including 20 minerals and 12 vitamins, maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier and promoting healthy skin with added boost of antioxidants.

It is true that "There are no ugly women in this world. There are only lazy women", so don't be lazy!
Follow these simple steps everyday for the best of the skin:

Step 1. ❤ Cleansing Gel
Step 2. ❤ Refreshing Toner
Step 3. ❤ Moisturizing Gel
Step 4. ❤ Moisturizing Lotion SPF30 Sunscreen

Step 1. ❤ Cleansing Gel
Step 2. ❤ Refreshing Toner
Step 3. ❤ Moisturizing Gel

❤ Invigorating Scrub morning or night after the Gel Cleanser 2-3 times a week.

Let's try out each of the product, step by step!

Botanical Effects Cleansing Gel (127g) @ RM75
How To Use: Wash daily, morning and night, for a deep clean ❤

Generally, gel cleanser is more moisturizing than foam type, which makes it more gentle and suits the dry, sensitive or redness-prone skin. Love the amazing scent which fills the air as soon as I open the cap! 

Scent: ❤ Sweet!
Feel:  Smooth on the skin 
Texture: ❤ Lightweight gel, very fluid consistency
Effectiveness:  Foams very well and cleanses thoroughly 

Botanical Effects Invigorating Scrub (88ml) @ RM75
How To Use: Apply a sufficient amount and scrub in circular motions 2 to 3 times per week ❤

Exfoliator is always something I'd neglect when I get too lazy / tired at the end of the day. But considering the lovely scent that this scrub exudes, I just can't resist it. Let's just not let the pores suffer, let the exfoliator helps the skin to "breathe" and ditch the dullness.

Scent: ❤ Delicious!
Feel:  Cooling on the skin
Texture: ❤ With ultra fine beads in the gel, the scrub works very gently on the skin. 
Effectiveness:  Deeply cleansed skin, without experiencing any tightness or uneasiness

Botanical Effects Refreshing Toner (147ml) @ RM 75

How To Use: After cleansing, apply small amount to a cotton ball or pad, and smooth over face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Use daily - both morning and night ❤

Antioxidants help protect and defend skin by fighting off free radicals. Hence, so tone with purpose!

While I normally apply toner directly onto the face, Mary Kay recommends the use of cotton pad to ensure better coverage over the entire face and neck. The liquid smells okay to me, with no alcohol scent when I remove the cap. 

Scent: ❤ Similar to the earlier product
Feel:  Very mild burning on my sensitive skin
Texture: ❤ Liquid that can be easily absorbed into the skin
Effectiveness:  A total cleanse to the face / neck  

Botanical Effects Moisturizing Gel (85g) @ RM85
How To Use: Apply sufficient amount onto skin -- facial and body ❤

Here comes the step which I emphasize alot, due to my ultra dry skin condition. Do you know that all skins need moisture, even oily skin can get dehydrated? And the best part is, this moisturizing gel is able to deliver moisture for 12 hours.

It works well over the body too. As I spend very long hours in the air-conditioned office everyday, I think I better keep one tube at work as my skin's thirst quencher. 

My favourite product among all!!

Scent: ❤ Similar to the earlier product
Feel:  Very moisturizing and absorbed into skin within seconds
Texture: ❤ Ultra lightweight gel that does not feel anything on the skin!
Effectiveness:  The skin feels instantly plump and volumized

Botanical Effects Moisturizing Lotion SPF30 Sunscreen (50ml) @ RM65
How To Use: Apply liberally before sun exposure. Reapply frequently to maintain protection. ❤

Lastly, there is an additional step for the skin during the day: SPF moisturizer. As if the moisturizer I use earlier is not feeding the skin with enough water, the SPF sunscreen cum moisturizer adds another dose of moisture to the skin, while protecting it from the sun.   

Similar to the basic moisturizer, this also helps moisturize the skin for 12 hours. With the 2-in-1 feature, you can skip the day cream / moisturizer and go for this instead. One less step, and it definitely saves your time. 

Scent: ❤ Similar to the earlier product
Feel:  Creamy, thick, but no sticky residue left on the skin
Texture: ❤ Rich yet able to blend smoothly on the skin
Effectiveness:  Perfect coverage over the entire face

1. Mary Kay Botanical Effects® skincare is great for all ages and skin types; So simple, easy to use, and does wonders to the skin.
2. It gives the overall complexion an instant boost of radiance and brightening effect, with longlasting hydration and UV protection.
3. Rating: 4.5/5 ; If you must choose only one item from this series, I'd strongly recommend the Moisturizing Gel for everyday use anytime, anywhere!

Mary Kay Botanical Effects® skincare products are currently available through
Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants (03-7711 7500).

Find out more about Mary Kay at:
Dream Beautiful Contest: www.mkdreambeautiful.com
Facebook Page: fb.com/MaryKay.com.my
Instagram: @MaryKayMySg


  1. Hi darling! Such a great review! Thank u for choosing Mary Kay. If u ladies out there want to try Mary Kay products as well, u may contact me Hanis at 0193271725. Thanks!

  2. Hi darling! Such a great review! Thank u for choosing Mary Kay. If u ladies out there want to try Mary Kay products as well, u may contact me Hanis at 0193271725. Thanks!

  3. Hi..beautiful lady.. Tq for a great review..for those want to try.. U may contact me nory 0123274224.. Tq darling.. :)

  4. Hi..beautiful lady.. Tq for a great review..for those want to try.. U may contact me nory 0123274224.. Tq darling.. :)


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