13 December, 2016

10 Things You Must Know Before Renting a House

Shifting from one place to another is an arduous task. Especially when you have spent a decent amount of time looking through the abundance of house for rent from various property portal like PropertyGuru.

However, if you have a good plan in your mind, this task can become simple. Be sure to keep the aforementioned tips in your bag before you rent a new house:

1. Research the area as much as you can
From utility store and hospital to school and market, it is ideal to have everything nearby the home. Thus, it is essential to do a thorough research of the area and see if these things are nearby or not. Besides this, the area should be safe. Privacy is another important thing that needs to be checked.

2. Be ready to face the hidden costs
Yes, you will definitely see some hidden cost in the whole process. The total cost is not limited to the one mentioned in the agreement. If you are taking help from the agent, he will charge his fee. Additionally, there will be a maintenance and repair cost of furniture and other electricity appliances if not settled in the agreement.

3. Read the tenancy agreement thoroughly
In order to stay free from future conflicts, read the tenancy agreement carefully before signing it. Make sure that the cost of repairing goods is mentioned in it if the electrical appliances are not in good condition. If landlord is not ready for it, ask for a deduction from down payment.

4. Do not overlook the cost of utilities
The monthly rent will not be the total cost you will have to bear. Beside this, there will be an additional expense of electricity bill, water tax, gas bill and so on.

5. Be sure to check the meters
All previous bills should be cleared by the landlord and the meters should not show any former readings. If former readings are there, you will have to bear the cost.

6. Compare monthly rent of different localities
You will find different benefits in different localities and so are the prices. Do some research and compare these benefits along with the prices and then pick the one that fulfills your needs.

7. Take a day off
Packing stuff and then shifting it at a new place will definitely take a lot of time. Do the entire process of shifting in one day by taking a day off from office.

8. Check furniture and electrical appliances
You can also go for a non-furnished house. However, if the house is furnished, make sure to check each and everything. Check the carpets, fridge, microwave, washing machine, furniture, and every other thing that has been given to you.

9. Meet your neighbors
No one can give you a better idea of the place other than your neighbors. Meet them and ask about the pros and cons of living in the area. Ask about privacy and other concerns as well.

10. Check water pressure, kitchen and guttering.
Do not forget to check the drainage system and water pressure. Flush the toilet and see if the drainage system is smooth or not. Check water pressure in all bedrooms, toilets and kitchen. 

Finally, understanding the agreement carefully and checking the house is essential before you take your final decision. Do proper cleaning and fumigation of the place before you move in and take good care of your new home.

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