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12 December, 2016

Review: HERMO "12 Light of Joy" Christmas Beauty Box

Hermo "12 Light of Joy" Christmas Beauty Box

Christmas has never been so exciting like this year! When it comes to Christmas, I always splurge into beautiful stuff that I like, and treat it as a reward to myself for a year long of hard work. This year, it is my first time seeing Hermo's Limited Christmas Collection 2016 "12 Lights of Joy" beauty box and I am totally sold! 

Inspired by the idae of Advent Calendar, Hermo has carefully handpicked 12 items from the biggest names and most popular beauty things of the year, and put them into this "12 Lights of Joy" Christmas collection box.

The beautiful box, on its own, caught my attention with its lovely red and gold design
that enhances the mood for Christmas. Are you excited to see the content?

The lovely box contains 12 doors, each opening to the hand-picked products that wow me.

Unsealing the 12 tiny windows one by one, gives me a surprise after another.
I am sure this is the perfect gift for your bestie, girlfriend, sister etc because....we all love excitements and surprises!

It takes me a while to discover these 12 Christmas delights, and they include: 
❤ 3 full-sized lipsticks,
❤ 1 full-sized eyeshadow (random shade),
❤ 1 sample-sized perfume (random brand),
❤ 6 sample-sized skincare products,
❤ 1 travel-sized shampoo/ conditioner (assorted), and
❤ RM10 Hermo shopping voucher. 

The best part is, the total value of products you get in this Christmas collection box is RM279,
but this box is priced at only RM139! What a good bargain!

 Now let's go through the products, one by one.....
1 ❤ Kate Deep Shiny Eyes (2g)
Kate is my favourite when it comes to Japanese makeup! 
This 2-shade deep and shiny eyeshadow palette is just awesome for large, bright eye makeup look.

2 ❤ Silky Girl Go Matte Lipstick (4g) in #01 Nearly Nude
Good for those days when you just need a pair of healthy-looking lips with that nude look.

3 ❤ Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet (7ml) in #07 Nude-ist
I have been using this too, and love how it leaves smooth and velvety soft texture on the lips. 
Glad to add another shade into my lippie collection.

4 ❤ Maybelline New York Lip Flush Bitten Lip (3.9g) in #RD03
I already have this series of 3-tone lipstick from Maybelline to create the Korean flushed lips look,
but I don't mind giving away to my friends :)

5 ❤ Extatic Balmain Paris EDP (5ml)
A fragrant incarnation of Balmain style that combines boldness, luxury and elegance.
I personally love its sweet feminine scent!

6 ❤ Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence (30ml)
Boosting essence for the first step of skincare after cleansing.

7 ❤ CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster (25ml)
A gentle exfoliant which requires no rinsing.

8 ❤ Bioderma Sensibio H2O Reverse Pump (20ml)
The first and only dermatological micellar water that removes makeup
and is fully compatible to skin.

9 ❤ Banila Co. Clean It Zero (7g)
Banila Co.'s famous cleansing balm melts away dirt, makeup and oil,
leaving your skin clean and refreshed.

10 ❤ Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (15ml)
My No.1 favourite sleeping mask from Laneige! So aromatherapeutic and soothing to the skin.
Who don't love waking up to vibrant moisturized complexion?

11 ❤ Feazac Travel-sized Dandruff-control Shampoo (60ml)
Good for oil-controlling and anti-dandruff. 

12 ❤ Hermo RM10 Shopping Voucher
Means another round of shopping for New Year eh? :D

1. Perfect gift to reward yourself or surprise my loved ones!
2. Content wise, I love 4 full-sized products and several skincare products in travel sizes. Although some are randomly picked, I am glad that I get perfume and shampoo that I like.
3. Overall, it offers great value for money. You only pay RM139 for products worth RM279!

Hermo Limited Christmas Collection 2016 "12 Lights of Joy" is available in limited quantities,
so be quick and grab one for yourself, another for your loved ones before it runs out of stock! 

For more information, please visit:

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