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10 May, 2017

Review: Japan No.1 MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask for Tired Eyes

Hello, lovelies! As you may be aware, I just came back from Taiwan not long ago and I am super satisfied with my beauty shopping haul there! One of the most popular items I see in every beauty store in Taiwan is the KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Masks from Japan, which I bought a box just to try out on the plane.

It is a patented Eye Comfort product that helps to relieve and relax eyes in just 10 minutes. Ever since then I sort of got addicted to it and I’d use it every week. Last week when I was shopping in Mid Valley, I came across the same product at Watsons beauty store and I know it’s time to stock up more!

Watsons Mid Valley, one of my favourite stores for beauty and health products

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask is not something new in the market. As far as I could remember, it is very popular in Japan and Hong Kong since few years ago. And now it achieves No.1 Sales in Japan!

Each box of 5-piece eye mask retails at RM23 nationwide, so it wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket.

Yuzu scent ❤  Refreshing citrus aroma to wake up the mind

Inside the box, it contains 5 pieces of individually-packed steam eye mask in foil wrapper,
so it is very convenient to simply slit one into the bag and use it on the go.

It is currently available in 5 types:
❤ Unscented
❤ Lavender-sage Aroma
❤ Chamomile Ginger Aroma
❤ Fresh Rose Aroma
❤ Yuzu Aroma

Unscented ❤  The most basic type for ultimate relaxation.

Chamomile-ginger scent ❤  Aromatherapy scent with healing benefits

Lavender-sage scent ❤  Floral-herbal scent with calming and sleep-promoting benefits

Fresh rose scent ❤  Sweet floral scent with mood-boosting benefits

KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask - No.1 Sales in Japan

I bought all the 5 variants available in Malaysia to try out different aromas!

So, when is the best time to use MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask?
Anytime! Really. I use it whenever “I feel like it”. Of course, you can also use the eye mask when:
❤ Before bedtime, for ultimate relaxation
❤ During breaks in between work – lunch/tea break perhaps?
❤ After a prolonged contact lenses usage
❤ After long hours of facing the computer/laptop
❤ In the flight – nothing to do? Best time to pamper the eyes!
❤ On the train, bus…well, whenever you have free time.

Wondering why do I love this eye mask so much? Because I have been having really bad issues with my tired eyes, due to the extremely long working hours (as I wear contact lenses to work and face the laptop at work for more than 12 hours a day). Recently my eye condition is getting worse, hence I have shifted to wear spectacles everyday. Luckily, the MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask helps my eyes a lot!

The Steam Eye Mask works wonder by relieving fatigue of the eyes and relaxing the eyes. Sometimes, our eyes may have “overworked” but we just don’t realise that until we experience redness, sore eyes, watery eyes etc.

So I thought, why not take a 10-minute break and put on the eye mask?

The proper usage methods and precautionary measures are clearly printed at the back of the packaging.

How To Use:
Step 1:
 Remove eye mask from pouch.
Step 2: Place white color side of mask on eyes.
Important: Use immediately upon opening as the mask begins to warm up instantly.
Step 3: Tear along perforation, then place ear straps around ears.

When using MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask….

I usually use it after shower and right before bed. Lying on the bed, enjoying some music on the ears and the soothing sensation of gentle heat around my tired eyes is probably the best thing to do after a long working day!

Design: ★★

It uses an ultra-thin material that fits perfectly around the eye contours. With the ear straps, it is easy to use at any position – sleeping, sitting, lying down sideward – without slippage. Plus, the mask is disposable too, hence more convenient and hygienic to use.

Feature: ★★

The eye mask actually warms up immediately upon opening. It is a “steam bath” for the eyes as the temperature goes up to approximately 40°C – just nice and comfortable to soothe and relax the eyes. Although the steam is not visible, I can feel the gradual warmth during use.

The warmth helps to relax the eye muscles and relieve eyes, and eventually I can feel the moisture and soothing sensation on the eyes. My favourite is the scented ones especially Chamomile-ginger and Lavender-sage for the added aroma therapeutic effects. If you prefer fresher and sweeter scents, Fresh Rose and Yuzu will be more suitable.

Scent: ★★
The scents are quite prominent but not too overwhelming for me.

Look at the puffy eye mask! The steam produced may cause eye mask to puff up but this is absolutely normal. It is just very slight steam, so don’t worry, it wouldn’t be too hot for the eyes. Perfectly warm to recharge and brighten your eyes.

After using MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask….

After 10-15 minutes, it will slowly lose its warmth, so it’s time to remove it. Sometimes I may just fall asleep with the eye mask on because the eyes feel more relaxed, making me easier to sleep. But it’s totally alright, because it does not contain any harsh chemicals or cause discomfort after sleep.

With the eye mask, it does all the work for me and I look forward to wearing it because it is so pampering and moisturizing to the eyes. The steam helps to moisten skin and the heat soothes and relaxes my eye muscles. I can feel the stress melting away from my body, and my muscles slowly relax.

Comfort: ★★

I find that after my de-stressing session with this eye mask, I feel very refreshed and my eyes look so much brighter! Highly recommended for contact lens wearers because the eyes get very tired and tensed easily. The warmth of this eye mask helps to relax them. No more feeling dry or tired after a long day!

Don’t forget, there are some safety measures to follow ya:

❤ Do not use with contact lenses on.
❤ Do not use with any other eye mask.
❤ Do not reuse the eye mask after it has cooled down.
❤ Eye mask may cause smudging or removal of makeup.
❤ Keep eyes closed and do not press the mask against the eyes during application.
❤ When the skin is warmed up, temporary redness and itching are normal. If you are in a cold room, you may feel less of the warmth from the eye mask.
Stop using the eye mask immediately if you experience extreme warmth, pain or unusual discomfort. If eye drop is applied, please wait for a few minutes before using the eye mask. 

1. Overall, it is a great “quick eye remedy” to relieve and relax the eyes without any fuss. ❤ 
2. Fresher, more energetic and relaxed eyes make me feel so good! I think it is a good way to protect the eye health :)
3. Super affordable, convenient and easy to use! My favourite products? Definitely the Lavender-Sage and Yuzu scented eye masks!

KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask is available at all Watsons and AEON Wellness nationwide, as well as via online stores such as Lazada (, Lmall ( 11Street (

Just visit for more.

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