04 June, 2017

Dessert Review at Forêt Blanc, Petaling Utama Avenue, PJ

When they say the dessert here is "good", they mean "exceptional". 

Forêt Blanc is the home for French-inspired cakes (entremets), novelty cakes, beautiful plated desserts, waffles and homemade ice creams. To sum it all, it is a haven for the dessert lovers, where you can fix your sweet tooth cravings and carve that wide smile on the face.

Located in Petaling Utama, it is not within the heart of KL / PJ. But that doesn't stop us and other dessert aficionados from driving all the way to this relatively new patisserie to savour some decadent desserts.

Named after "white forest" in French, Forêt Blanc exudes a French minimalist interior design where we appreciate the ample natural light shining through the floor-to-ceiling glass window that keeps the clean space bright and cheerful.

Freezy Bowl series - Berry Mallow Corn @ RM24.90

The first thing we order is the "Unicorn Dessert" that floods our Instagram news feed recently. The "Freezy Bowl" series is the latest creation by the talented hands behind Forêt Blanc -- Alex Lim and Kenny Peck -- which features a complex medley of ingredients in each bowl, to bring out the flavours and textures represented by each cute character. 

The unicorn freezy bowl features a total of 11 ingredients, and what truly impresses me is that every single ingredient is made from scratch here! They also pay great attention to details in each component of this dessert, so that it looks aesthetically appealing and mutes your senses with deliciousness. 

For exmple, the unicorn wing is a pair of Meringue Wing, while the horn is a fully edible Lemon Marshmallow Unicorn Horn. Sitting on the base is a medley of Sable Crumbs, Lemon Curb, Strawberry Compote, Vanilla Semifreddo, Lemon Diamond Marshmallow, Strawberry and Lime Jelly. 

The unicorn is crowned with a huge scoop of Vanilla Mascarpone Ice Cream, surrounded by Vanilla Chantilly, Strawberry Cheesecake Cube and Strawberry Chocolate Bon Bon. 

So how do we savour it? Just scoop into the creamy concoction from top, and mix the rest of the ingredients as soon as we reach half cup! The overall taste is extremely rich, aromatic and hence recommended for true vanilla and strawberry fans. 

If you remember my birthday cake last year, you'd know I am a huge fan of UNICORN.
And yes, I love this unicorn dessert too! 
Freezy Bowl series - Happy Polar @ RM24.50

The Happy Polar Freezy Bowl is more preferable if you visit here after a heavy meal. Similarly to the unicorn dessert, it comes with a smoky effect, thanks to the dry ice. What is your first thought when you see a polar bear? Cold, refreshing and minty! That's how this dessert tastes like. 

Taking the centrestage of this cute bear dessert is the homemade Yoghurt Lime Ice Cream, which complements well with the equally refreshing ingredients such as Lime Ginger Souffle with Rum, Lime Curd, Mint Crystal, Polar Bear Macaron (Pineapple Lime), Lime Marshmallow and Lime Jelly.

Although it contains alcohol, I find that the alcohol taste is rather minimal,
hence it is easily acceptable even for kids. I mean, after all, it's dessert, right?

Apart from that, Forêt Blanc also makes their own ice creams, hence you'll find unique flavours such as Lemon Lavender, Coconut, Yuzu, Brown Butter, Cempedak and Madagascar Vanilla which you don't usually see elsewhere. 

Trust me, having any of the above flavour in a single scoop is already a great enjoyment on its own!

Yuzu Garden @ RM23.50

It seems that Forêt Blanc is a specialist in plated dessert too. The carefully assembled "Yuzu Garden" is a beautiful masterpiece mainly composed of Yuzu and Green Tea flavours. The "grass" here is actually Green Tea Microwave Sponge cake, accompanied with Green Tea Sable, alcohol-infused Rum Coulis, Passionfruit Ginger Jelly, Edible Flower Garnish and Yogurt Honey Sauce on the platter.

What we love the most here is the homemade Yuzu Ice Cream, and slightly burnt Yuzu Creme Brulee
that exude the creamy richness yet gives an instant tangy, refreshing kick to the palate.

Overall, it is a very well executed platter that does not feel overly heavy / sweet for me.

Brown Butter Waffle @ RM19

Did I forget to mention that they have also ventured into waffle making? To my delight, the Brown Butter Waffle is highly recommended for those who love nutty and buttery flavours! The choice of ingredients used here is excellent -- only the finest quality ingredients are used for the recipes. 

The waffle base itself is coffee flavoured, exuding an added aroma although it doesn't feel strong on the mouth. Instead of the usual peanut sauce, here they drizzle Salted Caramel Sauce, Pecan Praline and Chocolate Soil all over the waffle, before topping it off with the Signature Brown Butter Ice Cream.

The ice cream is excellent! The brown butter adds a nutty, caramelised flavour to already creamy vanilla ice cream. Truly appreciate the time and effort that they have put into this new creation, but it is so worth when most customers love it.

For the adventure seekers, perhaps you can try the extraordinary Banana Leaf Waffle and Triple Salted Yolk Waffle.

If there is still space in the stomach, do try the French modern and classic offerings -- their specialty!
All the entremets here are freshly made upon order; and no additive / preservative is used in the desserts.

Mocha @ RM10 per cup
Other choices of drinks include tea, juices and classic root beer float.

The beautifully crafted desserts are no longer just for special occasions or birthdays. It feels relaxing to drop by on a lazy weekend, indulge in some good desserts while sipping on my coffee. Be it an afternoon tea treat or an after-meal dessert, Forêt Blanc has all you need for a sweet tooth fix. 

Green Tea Latte @ RM10 per cup

On top of running a dessert cafe, Forêt Blanc does customized cakes and event planning as well.
Just tell them what you require and they'll whip up something that surprises you for sure.

1. Forêt Blanc is an ideal place for those seeking for fine pleasures in delicately handcrafted, creative desserts. 
2. Great desserts like these do more than just making people happy; they allow us to further explore the senses, appreciate every piece of dessert like an art and learn what does a real good dessert entail. 
3. Recommended: Berry Mallow Corn, Happy Polar, Brown Butter Waffle

Forêt Blanc
49G, Jalan PJS 1/50,
Petaling Utama Avenue,
Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7773 1379 / Whatsapp 6012-689 1470

Business Hours:
Tues - Thurs: 1pm - 9pm
Fri - Sun: 1pm - 10pm
Closed on Mondays


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