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16 June, 2017

Summer Shopping Guide for Tops & Dresses

When it comes to mid-year sales, things can be really exciting (especially for females :P) because it simply means shopping time! Every year during June, it's time to replenish the wardrobe with some new pieces for summer. And there you go: Guess what good bargains I have found at Yoins?

#1 ; #2 ; #3

Yoins have plenty of dresses for women - so many varieties that I actually don't know which to pick! Most of the floral dresses here are of European style and I really love them. Be it maxi dress, bodycon dress or romper, so long as the dress is adorned with beautiful floral prints on white background, it'll be my favourite pick!

#4 ; #5 ; #6

If floral print is not your cup of tea, how about plain ones then? I love those that come with off-shoulder, lace and tassel details! So sweet and perfect for summer.

#7 ; #8 ; #9

For this summer, fashionable women's tops are mostly in bodysuit or off-shoulder style. I am really tempted to get some bodysuit this season because it can just flaunt your body figure perfectly well! But for those who may not have the courage to wear bodysuit yet, perhaps you can try other styles such as laced-up top or off-shoulder pieces that are equally sexy :)

Of course, there are many other styles available at Yoins, I can assure you that you'll be spoilt with thousands of choices! 

Discounts are available on their website from time to time, so remember to keep an eye on it ya!

Let's get our outfit ready for summer vacation,
and go shopping at now!

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