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29 July, 2017

Top 20 Favourite F&B in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

What To Eat in Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting?

It was not too long ago since I last blogged about the Top 3 Restaurants You Must Try in SkyAvenue Mall at Resorts World Genting - London’s Burger & Lobster, the French Cafes Richard and American pizzeria Motorino.  

In just a couple of months’ time, SkyAvenue has changed so much and is now housing over a hundred entertainment, dining and retail shops (more to come!) at 6,000 feet above sea level, each segregated by level:

1st floor – Food
2nd floor – Top luxury outlets
3rd floor – High street fashion, beauty and retail stores
4th floor – Skyway station, Malaysian Food Street and more F&B outlets

Food wise, there is a good mix of quick service restaurants, cafes, food kiosks, mid-range and bespoke food outlets on the 1st Floor and alfresco dining on the 4th Floor. Now, let’s check out my Top 20 Favourite F&B in SkyAvenue:

#1 ❤ Wanhoi Yamch'a
#2 ❤ Canton-i
#3 ❤ Go Noodle House
#4 ❤ I Love Yoo!

#5 ❤ Palsaik Korean BBQ
#6 ❤ Kyochon 1991

#7 ❤ Tampopo

#8 ❤ DC Comics Super Heroes Café

#9 ❤ Morganfield’s
#10 ❤ Babajia
#11 ❤ Richdad
#12 ❤ Papparich

#13 ❤ Tai’Bae

#14 ❤ Starbucks Reserve
#15 ❤ Dal.Komm Coffee
#16 ❤ San Francisco Coffee

#17 ❤ Tian Ma Bird Nest
#18 ❤ Tokyo Secret
#19 ❤ Inside Scoop
#20 ❤ Madame Waffle

Let’s zoom into each restaurant/café and see what it has to offer!

#1 WANHOI YAMCH'A (云海小聚) @ Level 1, T2-7,8,9
❤ BBQ Pork Bun in Zhu Zai Shape (2 pieces) (猪仔包) @ RM14.80
❤ Custard Bun in Cute Shape (2 pieces) (流沙包) @ RM14.80
❤ Salted Egg Yolk with Lotus Paste Filling in Birdie Shape (2 pieces) (凤凰酥) @ RM15.80

Dim sum lovers should visit Wanhoi Yamch’a by Overseas Restaurant (海外天) for a hearty brunch as it serves a great variety of freshly made dim sums every morning such as these super cute, Instagrammable dim sums.

Remember to come early (it opens at 8am) to secure a table and enjoy the limited-portion dim sums before they are sold out.

❤ Dumplings in Beijing Style (4 pieces) (红油抄手) @ RM16.80
Highly recommended for its spicy savoury flavours!

#2 CANTON-I (香港粥面家) @ Level 1, T2-51A
❤ Traditional Roast Platter - Roast Pork Belly + Roast Duck (红炉烧鹅双拼 - 烧腩+烧鸭) @ RM105.00
❤ Scallop Wonton Noodles in Soup (首创瑶柱云吞面) @ RM20.00
❤ Cuttlefish and Mixed Meat Congee (荔灣艇仔粥) @ RM16.00

Canton-i also serves fresh dim sums, but our favourite here is the premium roast pork and goose platter. The taste is exactly what we are looking for – A nice crispy crackling, tender juicy meat and balanced layers of fats. Best paired with something light such as porridge and egg noodles.

#3 GO NOODLE HOUSE (有間麵館) @ Level 4, T2C-37
❤ Spicy Pork Tendon Noodles (猪筋丸米线)
❤ Fresh Lala Noodles (鲜蛤米线)
❤ Fish Maw in Signature Superior Soup (鱼鳔三鲜汤)
❤ Homemade Bentong Ginger Tea (文东姜茶)

A more affordable Chinese food option would be a hearty bowl of noodles served with meatballs, fresh seafood or other condiments at Go Noodle House. which I love since my first visit to Go Noodle House in Mid Valley. I am glad that they have expanded to SkyAvenue. Imagine having a warm bowl of noodles amidst the cooling weather, ah how comfortable!

❤ 9 Dragon Balls (九龙珠):
HK Fried Fish Ball (港式炸鱼丸)
Fried Pork Ball (超大炸猪肉丸)
HK Fried Cuttlefish Ball (港式炸鱿鱼丸)

We have tried the new snack items such as the Cuttlesquid, Fish and Pork Balls which are super bouncy and fresh – hence recommended! For seafood lovers, the new Fish Maw in Signature Superior Soup and Fresh Lala Noodles are perfect to satisfy the palate with oceanic goodness.

#4 I LOVE YOO! (老油鬼鬼) @ Level 4, T2C-02B
❤ Youtiao + Porridge + Soya Bean @ RM12.90

It’s time for snacks! I personally find that the classic Chinese Cruller (油条) here is a tad oily, but to my surprise, the sweet Chinese Cruller (马脚) tastes superb! Crisp, sweet and less oily for my liking. Plain porridge, hot soy milk and soya bean curd are equally great dips for the pastries – which are ideal for breakfast or afternoon tea.

#5 PALSAIK KOREAN BBQ @ Level 4, T2C-08

Annyeonghaseyo! SkyAvenue literally transports us to Korea as soon as we enter into the 2-storey Palsaik Korean BBQ Restaurant. With the naturally cooling wind blowing from the outside, here we can enjoy delicious BBQ without a drop of sweat.

❤ Palsaik Hansand Exclusive 8-Color Set @ RM158 (For 2-4 persons)
(8 Flavours of Palsaik Pork Belly + Salad + Veegtables + Ssamjang + Soybean Paste Soup)

Palsaik’s specialty is the fresh local pork belly seasoned with 8 kinds of special sauces (ginseng, wine, pine leaves, garlic, herbs, curry, miso and pepper paste). As we prefer heavily flavoured meats, the strong marinades such as Wine, Garlic, Curry and Pepper are our favourites among all.

#6 KYOCHON 1991 @ Level 1, T2-33
❤ Soy Garlic and Red Pepper Wingette / Drumette

How about a Korean fried chicken feast too? Our drummettes and winglets come in 2 flavours – Soy Garlic and (Extra Spicy) Red Pepper – and you should challenge the latter if you have adventurous tastebuds. Be warned, the extremely spicy kick is not for the weak.

#7 TAMPOPO @ Level 1, T2-20&21
❤ Tokyo Street Classic Ramen @ RM33
❤ Beef Curry Udon @ RM38.80
❤ Chicken Curry Katsu with Rice
❤ Cream Puff @ RM11.90

Craving for Japanese food? SkyAvenue has gotten you covered! Tampopo, the Japanese ramen specialist is always crowded each time I pass by because it is not just about ramen, but also satisfies our tummy with chicken katsu and Japanese cream puffs.

If you love your ramen to be more springy and soaked in milder broth, then this is surely a hit. However, I love the Curry Chicken Katsu more – The crisp succulent chicken cutlet is served separately from the aromatic sweet curry gravy. Tastes awesome and it is definitely an excellent comfort food!


Yes, conceptual cafe is also here in SkyAvenue! Stepping into this DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe feels like being transported to the land of fantasy. Imagine being surrounded by Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, etc; I love this cool space!

A detailed blog post is up for this cafe: CLICK HERE.

 #9 MORGANFIELD'S @ Level 1, T2-50
❤ Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs (Half Slab) @ RM62.90
❤ Bacon Wrapped Meat Balls @ RM20.90
❤ Onion Blossom @ RM26.90

I also found the perfect restaurant for hog lovers! Morganfield’s signature Sticky Bones spare ribs – a prime cut of pork ribs – in Garlicky BBQ flavours are bursting in rich aroma and savoury flavours, and just so tender that the meat falls off the bones easily.

Currently, Morganfield’s is having this promotion where you can enjoy 6 flavours of ribs (both classic and new creations), sausages, salad, corn cob, bread, onion rings and fries all in 1 giant sharing platter - Le Grand Platter (3-4 pax sharing) including:
    ❤ Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs
    ❤ Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs
    ❤ Smoked Peppercorn Spare Ribs
    ❤ Spicy Lemongrass Spare Ribs
    ❤ Waikiki Spare Ribs
    ❤ Jalapeno Bourbon Spare Ribs

#10 BABAJIA @ Level 1, T2-16

Babajia, a local Nyonya-inspired restaurant that we come across randomly is totally a surprise to us! The local food here – Laksa, Char Kuey Teow and Bubur Chacha – is pretty good. A well-loved place for street food fare without burning a hole in the pocket.

#11 RICHDAD @ Level 1, T2-17
❤ Grilled Chicken Masak Merah
❤ Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam
❤ Roti Bakar with Soft-boiled Eggs

After a quick meal at Babajia, we hop over to Richdad, which is just located next door. Again, we enjoy the delicious chicken chop in fusion style and decent local fare such as Nasi Lemak and Butter Kaya Toast.

#12 PAPPARICH @ Level 4, T2C-06

If you are feeling peckish before you board a Skyway or after you get down from Skyway at SkyAvenue station, feel free to swing by PappaRich for some local delights. I have blogged about part of PappaRich’s extensive local menu previously, so this round we only order a Char Kuey Teow to try. Overall, it is a pretty simple, comfortable place that fills the stomach well.

#13 TAI'BAE (台宝贝) @ Level 1, T2-31

Just next to KyoChon, we spot a Taiwanese eatery where we find many famous Taiwanese dishes such as Braised Pork Rice (卤肉饭), Deep-fried Chicken Popcorn, Spicy La Mian, Aiyu Jelly and more on the menu. To be honest, the food is mediocre for my liking but if it is Taiwanese delicacy that you are craving for, why not give it a try?


#14 SAN FRANCISCO COFFEE @ Level 4, T2C-07

After a long day of walking, certainly we want to chill at some cafes while enjoying the breezy wind. San Francisco Coffee’s beverages and grab-and-go sandwiches are perfect for snacking in between meals.

Step 1: Pick your favourite Starbucks Reserve coffee beans
❤ Step 2: Choose your preferred brewing method (Pour-over / Clover / Siphon / Chemex)

Those who are more serious about coffee may opt for Starbucks Reserve. It offers premium and rare coffee beans that are only available at the store in small batches on a seasonal basis. New blends are introduced regularly – over every three months or so.

We are lucky to have a coffee master demonstrating the art of pouring during our visit, to complete our great coffee experience at Starbucks Reserve. If you are keen on exploring your senses, do check it out!

#16 DAL.KOMM COFFEE @ Level 4, T2C-10
❤ Caramel Honey Sibuya Toast @ RM18.90
❤ Matcha Lava Cruffin @ RM25.90

Dal.komm also has the caffeine dose you need but here you can temper the sharp bite of the caffeine kick with a taste of something sweet and unique – Dal.Komm Signature Matcha Lava Cruffin, an innovative creation from croissant and muffin. The flaky, multi-layered pastry is generously filled with thick and sweet matcha spread, then topped with delicate Honey whipped cream. 

My personal favourite is the bestselling Shibuya Toast – so crispy on the outside and buttery soft inside. A nice treat for the sweet tooth!

#17 TIAN MA BIRD NEST (天马燕窝) @ Level 4, T2C-05B
❤ Signature Double Boiled Bird’s Nest (天马招牌燕窝) @ RM93.90
❤ Bird’s Nest with Pear (燕窝雪梨川贝竹饮) @ RM29.70
❤ Bird’s Nest with Ginseng Tea (燕窝泡参饮) @ RM29.70

Who say desserts are always sinful and sugary? Tian Ma Bird Nest proves you wrong by offering pure, premium bird nest desserts which are locally produced in Kedah. The No.1 must-try here is the Signature Double Boiled Bird’s Nest served in Chinese porcelain pot – the consistency is so thick. It tastes bland on its own, but you can add sugar syrup to taste.

For more affordable options, try the Bird's Nest beverages with different flavours such as Pear, Lo Han Guo, Longan or Ginseng. Equally light in taste, and you can adjust the level of sweetness yourselves.

#18 TOKYO SECRET @ Level 1, T2-42

The currently trending cheese tart has also landed at SkyAvenue. But now their famous cheese tart and cheesecake have to give way to the new Cheese Crema drinks, a frothy concoction that features a thick, creamy layer of cheese on top. My first cup of Oolong Tea Cheese Drink here is so smooth, refreshing and easy to drink.

#19 INSIDE SCOOP @ Level 1, T2-45

And my favourite waffle brand is here too! Let my happiness defined by double scoops of Musang King and Teh Tarik ice creams on fluffy, aromatic Buttermilk Waffle. Having ice creams under such cold weather is certainly an enjoyment on its own.

#20 MADAME WAFFLE @ Level 1, T2-40
❤ Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Chunk Waffle @ RM15.90
❤ Banana Nutella Waffle @ RM26.80

Another dessert shop recommended for those with sweet tooth is Madame Waffle, the handmade artisanal Belgium liege waffle specialist in town. They serve waffles and gelato in different interesting flavours such as green tea, dark chocolate, etc. The gelato here is less dense / milky yet does not melt easily. 
There are plenty more F&B outlets in SkyAvenue which I have passed by -- Royale Vietnam, Dome, BMS Organics, Just Heavenly, Zok Noodle House, Flavurs, Koong Woh Tong, etc. All in all, the gastronomic experience at SkyAvenue is amazing. It brings all flavours around the world under one roof, plus the shopping treats that never fail to impress us.

At SkyAvenue, you wouldn't be left hungry!
For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit

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