24 October, 2018

Helpful Tips For Choosing The Right Wallet Type

A wallet is an accessory you carry daily. Therefore, if your current wallet is worn out, you should be prepared to invest in a new one. Below are some important factors to essentially help you make a decision when shopping for an ideal wallet that suits your needs. 

1. Functionality & Style

i. Do you often carry plenty of cash? If yes, a bifold wallet or trifold wallet is what you need.

ii. If you only carry very little cash, a Kinzd slim front pocket wallet is a fantastic option. this option allows you to fold your bills and store cards while freeing up pocket space, which is a MAJOR WIN. 

iii. If you’re a regular traveler who regularly embarks on international travel, you can choose the Euro and Pound wallets, as these accommodate notes that are larger than the typical US dollars.

iv. If you only carry a few cards and you’d like to free up some pocket space, card cases are the perfect solution for you. These employ a minimalist design to help lighten the load while keeping your body posture even.

v. Anyone who carries plenty of cads including loyalty cards, credit cards, bank cards, and other cards, the hipster leather money clipwallet with more slots come in handy.

vi. If you’re more concerned about the safety and security of the information in your RFID cards, it would be wise to invest in a wallet that incorporates RFID blocking technology to prevent scanners from collecting your personal information.

There are just so many wallets to choose from!

2. Wallet Construction & Craftsmanship

While style and function are important components, you shouldn’t rush to buy something appealing without checking that the quality is up to par.

i. The Material Used Should Have The Potential To Age Well

Many different materials are used for making wallets including plastic, wood, fabric, metal and more. however, when it comes to choosing your ideal wallet, you should choose a material that ages well over time.

Remember, not all wallet options provide the same level of functionality, but the material used in the construction essentially determines how long your wallet  can last.

• Harder materials including plastic, metal, and wood have a modern feel but are prone to warping and product failure. 
• Fabric wallets are more affordable, but a regular use of such wallets make them fray fast and eventually fall apart quicker than expected.

If you need a high-quality wallet, then leather is certainly the best material choice because:
• Leather is not susceptible to the usual, quick wear and tear  
• Leather does not fracture easily like other materials

Even as you choose leather wallets, you should always remember that no two types of leather are the same. Consequently, you need to avoid bonded leather and genuine leather. Genuine leather is a general term, which is commonly used to refer to the inferior quality leather types. With bonded leather, the material is created by bonding several layers of leftover and scrap hides. Even so, these leather options cost lower and are great for certain applications. Note that higher grade leather types deliver a longer lifespan than bonded and genuine leather types.

The high-quality leather used for making luxury wallets are full-grain or top grain leathers, meaning they boast of special characteristics and material thickness that allows the products to withstand decades of regular use. 

3. Leather Craftsmanship Is a Critical Component

Since leather wallets have many layers, the craftsmanship of creators come in handy to slim down the wallets while keeping them extremely durable. Some of the construction techniques used to achieve this include:

i. Splitting – A process used to cut down and thin down leather, thereby improving workability.  
ii. Skiving – Involves shaving off layers from leather at the edges for the effect of a slimmer profile without losing durability. 

At Bosca, they apply the splitting process to ensure the right thickness and do skiving of the edges and numerous other processes for the highest level of craftsmanship of a high-quality leather wallet with the right thickness

A good leather wallet should have a thinner profile, strong stitch, and greater longevity.
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