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22 October, 2018

2018 Year-end Travel Plans: Where to Go?

It's almost a wrap for 2018! ❤ I must admit that 2018 has been a great year for me with several sponsored travel opportunities. In the beginning of the year, I have watched the blooming sunflower field in Khao Yai, Thailand, thanks to the cheap flights which I manage to secure via Traveloka online booking site.

Hello Bali, and the local fried noodle is so good!

Moving towards March, I get to fly to Langkawi with a bunch of fun people to enjoy a long, relaxing weekend there and the trip is fully sponsored! Approaching mid-year, AirAsia has brought me to Ubud, the culture-rich town in Bali, Indonesia for an interesting eat-and-run event called Kilorun Bali 2018. A truly amazing experience which I don’t think I’d ever get on my own.

I love my vacation to be colorful like this! 

When it comes to August / September months, I must say I am lucky to be a Malaysian because we get to enjoy plenty of public holidays (National Day, Malaysia Day and some festive holidays in between). So I took this opportunity to enjoy a full 10-day break in Melbourne, Australia. And that's during my favourite season in Aussie -- beginning of spring where the vibes of winter are still in the air!

Can't wait to visit Hong Kong for the third time!

As we are now in the last quarter of the year, I already have Japan and Hong Kong in my travel plan next month -- November -- yes, it's my birthday month! Having a birthday trip is definitely a must, so I will be making my way to two big cities this round. *excited*

Having said that, after visiting 5 countries this year, my wallet is seriously drained. I need a travel sponsor badly now, hahah! Currently I can still slot in another overseas trip for the year-end holiday (probably 1 week or so) but I just can't afford to fly too far (Need to start saving money for next year's Sakura trip!) or stay overseas for too long.

Xin Chào! A Vietnamese hello from Ba Na Hills, Danang 

So, one of the options I have in mind is Vietnam, a pretty affordable city to explore and probably spend my New Year Eve at. I have been to Danang and Hoi An, and the next part on my wishlist is Ho Chi Minh City.

The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh takes less than an hour, and pricewise it fits my budget well too especially when I book via I personally find this website / app very useful when it comes to searching for affordable flight tickets, hotel rates, etc. I heard that it also allows us to book transportation (such as trains, buses and car rentals) as well as restaurants via this platform too, but I have yet to try these features.

*drools* I miss the Vietnamese baguette so much now!

Think Ho Chi Minh and I’d be drooling for the delicious pho and banh mi (crispy Vietnamese baguette filled with pork) or enjoying a glass of icy cold beer at the famous Pub Street. I believe Ben Thanh Market would be another point of attraction, thanks to the knick knacks and

Traditional market in Vietnam

Food aside, I am also looking forward to visiting the famous pink church at the heart of the city, Tan Dinh Church. And perhaps also to travel a little further down to the popular Mui Ne Sand Dunes where people take really good Instagram-worthy pictures. Now you say, how can I miss this paradise of food, culture and nature?  

How about you? Tell me more about your travel plan for this year end.
Don't forget to check out the deals on Traveloka and share with me what you have found!

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