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11 December, 2018

What do Women Want from Sports Bra?

If you have been following my Instagram stories, you would notice I have been actively hitting the gym several times a week. People have been asking me how can I be so motivated to go to the gym on such a constant basis? Well, I'd say one of the motivators would be by putting on beautiful gym wear. 

Believe it or not, when you fit yourself with a set of gym / sports attire that you love, you will be more interested to exercise. Having said that, not all gym wear can be comfortable and fit snugly to every one's body shape.

For men, I am not sure if a good pair of workout shoes would satisfy you. But for most female, a good piece of comfortable sports bra is the most important thing among all. I love how a piece of perfectly-fitting bra stays in place regardless of how big our daily movement is. Especially when it comes to sports, I hate adjusting my bra every now and then! 

Of course, in a long run, what we wear is something that boosts our body confidence. Don't you think so? 

Personally, I used to wear fancy sports bra like the one above, which undoubtedly look good on photos. But as time goes by, I find that it is not as durable as expected and the fitting starts to change after several washes. So, learning my lesson, I'd say No to fancy-looking sports bra ever since. 

Until recently I have been looking for good sports bra and guess what I found? It's Knix, a high impact sports bra that is said to "transform how you feel before, during and after the workout". Based on several online reviews, what interests me is the excellent workmanship and continuous support that it gives 24/7. Some even make it an everyday bra! 

In case you are wondering, it supports women up to size 42G. No worries for the plus sizes!
Despite of the price point, I believe it is worth investing in.

Anyway, let me know if you have tried Knix and if you like it. Or share with me if you have any other recommendations!

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