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29 January, 2019

3 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Water

A human body consists of more than 50% water. But the amount of water we lose per day is high as well with almost 64 ounces of water lost daily. Hydration is no brand new information, it’s crucial for a healthy body and a suitable well-being. Especially if you have a slightly busier lifestyle than the norm, this means water is more crucial because you lose more! But we do know that sometimes, keeping up with drinking water can be hectic. Water isn’t just important for your thirst, water can actually stop irritations like headaches, skin acne or dizziness. Thinking of water as a nutrient that is necessary for your body will push you into increasing your water intake.

Maybe add a little touch of taste with an orange slice or some fresh mint!

Here are 3 astonishing benefits of drinking water to push you into a healthier lifestyle.

1. More Water = Better Brains

Increasing your water intake does indeed increase your brain power! Remember when your parents forced you into drinking milk to be stronger or smarter? Same goes with water intake too! The brain is made of 73% water, so when you give it the amount it needs, you help your brain focus and concentrate more than the usual. Dehydration does have an effect on your memory too. The problem with dehydration is that it has no feeling, you can’t always know when your body is dehydrated. So make sure you always have a water bottle by your side to keep you hydrated around the clock! Encourage your teammates or classmates together, surprise them with matching personalized bottled water and push them towards a healthier lifestyle so you can feel motivated to stay hydrated too. Always remember, there is no such thing as too much water!

2. No Headaches, Cramps or Sprains

Dehydration encourages a more common symptom of headache. If you have frequent headaches, then look back at your water intake. Minimal amount of water intake means a much higher chance of cramping and sprains. Hydrated muscles are less prone to sprains. Having a more flexible body highly depends on your level of dehydration, this is why the number one rule before exercising is changing your water lifestyle into a much better one. Once you create that lifestyle, your body will be:
❤ More flexible
❤ Less likely to go through a sprained ankle
❤ More energy into exercising

3. Youthful Skin? Water is the Key

You need to look at your skin as an organ, not as some sort of cover on your body. Water is essential for functioning all your organs, including the skin! Dehydration creates a much drier skin and a tight look. It also encourages more wrinkles and aging signs on your skin. Use drinking water as a natural moisturizer for the skin that keeps it much softer. It removes all existing wrinkles and wrinkles that may come in the future, and in a very natural way. Besides a few makeup products that can be used, a natural fresh and glowing look can be achieved by just drinking the right amount of water. Glow with water naturally so you can glow forever!

Improve Your Drinking Habit, Live a Happier Life!

Know when exactly you need water is when your pee isn’t clear. It’s as simple as that! Creating a habit is hard, but changing it into a lifestyle is essential. Because once you do include it in your lifestyle, a major improvement to your whole body is fulfilled! Don’t underestimate the power of drinking water all day, and don’t let yourself believe it's hard to do so. Improve your brain function and your concentration levels with hydration. Decrease the amount of headaches and cramps that you may experience with water, not necessarily with a bunch of medications! Let your water be your best friend, because truth is, it can be a very beneficial best friend to your body!

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