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29 April, 2019

[BEAUTY] Review: THANK YOU FARMER Korean Skincare Series

If you are concerned about excessive chemicals touching your skin, then THANK YOU FARMER may be a brand new Korean beauty brand worth exploring on. The brand believes in creating products using pure, honest and benefit-rich botanicals and rare extracts for healthy and balanced beautiful skin.

Rooted in the mentality of an honest farmer, the brand refuses to take the shortcut in creating high-performance and effective skincare. Every product is crafted with care to fortify the skin’s natural strength, not for fleeting effects.

With over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, CEO Nam Kyu-Woo holds onto 3 key values – honesty, earnestness and gratitude – and therefore the brand promises the true beauty that shines over time.

THANK YOU FARMER has been launched in more than 25 countries, and now finally it is here in Malaysia! We are lucky to be among the first to try the “Miracle Age”, “Be Beautiful” and “True Water” product ranges from the brand.

How to awake your skin energy and combat aging? It’s easy! THANK YOU FARMER taught us 3 main steps of skincare:
(1) Tone, (2) Moisturize and (3) Sunblock + makeup.

For steps 1 and 2, we use THANK YOU FARMER Miracle Age skincare range which features 2 key ingredients for whitening-wrinkle correction:

(1) Argan Oil
Rich in Omega and Vitamin E, it helps remove oxygen radicals, the major cause of aging, and prevents cell damage to revitalize lifeless skin.

(2) Ceramide NP
It strengthens the skin’s moisture-retaining capacity and protects the skin from the external stimulations.

 Miracle Age Repair Toner (150ml)

After cleansing, it is important to awaken the skin with this repair toner that enhances the skin’s energy.

 Replenish skin with moisture and nourishment that deeply penetrate the skin.
 Brighten the skin tone to prevent age spots and blemishes.
 Promote collagen and elastin production and enhance the adherence of other skincare products.

How to Use:
 After cleansing, apply gently over face using cotton pad / palm.
 Use as sheet mask by soaking a sheet with toner and place it on your face for 5~10 minutes.

Thick and rich white emulsion-like liquid.

Smooth and gentle on skin, it is well absorbed into skin.

Miracle Age Repair Eye Cream (20g)

For anti-aging benefits, do not ever neglect the eyes. Here’s an intensive care for firm, lively eyes. Not only that, it is good for removing wrinkles and improving elasticity around the neck too.

 Contains 5 natural hydrating factors and wrinkle-correcting adenosine to firm and plump the eye area.
 Delivers brightening effect and damage defense from its active ingredients.

How to Use:
 Apply a small amount on both ring fingers to gently circle around the eye area.
 Use as lip mask by applying it over dry, chapped lips for 1-3 minutes.
 Apply from the clavicle to the bottom of your chin in an upwards direction.
 Apply a small amount of eye cream to the wrinkles by slightly tapping with the tip of your finger.

Very rich and concentrated texture similar to cream cheese.

A gentle dabbing around the thin eye area feels nourishing and is quickly absorbed.

 Miracle Age Repair Serum (60ml)

For the entire face, we then follow with this repair serum to firm the skin’s core and improve the skin’s circulation.

 Reinforce the skin inside out and restore overall balance for healthier skin.
 Correct the skin tone, skin texture, and hydration.

How to Use:
 After toner, apply the rich serum over face and neck.
 Mix 1-2 drops of oil into the serum on night skincare routine for better adherence to makeup in the next morning.
 Apply a small amount of serum onto dry elbow and heel to achieve soft and gentle skin.

Concentrated but not sticky at all.

Silky and smooth, it melts quickly and penetrates the skin.

 Miracle Age Repair Cream (50ml)

After serum, don’t skip this repair cream as it can seal the anti-aging benefits and protect the skin.

 Prevent oxygen damage for healthy, lively skin.
 Antioxidant-rich and block oxygen radicals, the major cause of aging.
 Contains 10 plant-origin natural ingredients that relieve stimulation and fortify the skin barriers.
 Quickly sooth the red and sensitive skin.

How to Use:
 Apply on face and neck and smooth from bottom up.
 Use as sleeping mask by applying 2~3 spoons on the face and massage lightly into skin.

Very rich and thick texture as the cream is filled with nourishment and oil derived from olive.

It melts onto the skin upon application and instantly boosts moisture capacity of dull, rough skin.


After skincare, you can either use Be Beautiful BB Cream or CC Cream as a sunblock and base makeup. They both contain 2 key ingredients:

(1) Niacinamide and Adenosine
Whiten skin and prevent wrinkles, leaving the skin clearer and more resilient.

(2) Natural Extracts
Soothe and hydrate skin, leaving it healthy and flawless.

How to Use:
 After skincare, blend evenly over face using makeup brush for smoother skin effect. Mix with BB Cream for a more natural coverage 

Both creams are smooth but I find them rather liquid for my liking.

Easy to blend over skin for a light and even coverage.

 Be Beautiful Luminous CC Cream SPF30 PA++ (40ml)

It is a 3-in-1 functional CC Cream with whitening benefits, wrinkle improvement and sun protection of SPF 30 PA++. Plus, it delivers radiance and glow to dull skin. The shiny, highlight effect is great for the cheek and nose bridge too. 

Be Beautiful Natural BB Cream SPF30 (40ml)

If you prefer more natural and matte coverage (poreless skin and smooth complexion), then try the BB cream instead. Similarly, it delivers 3-in-1 functions like the CC cream.

True Water Vita Mist (105ml)

Lastly, don’t forget the vitamin for the skin! One of the signs of aging is dryness, but don’t worry, let this moisturizing mist provides double hydration effects from its rich content of 13 vitamin-enriched ingredients to optimize oil-moisture balance and restore vitality.

How to Use:
 Shake well until the concoction is well-mixed, then spray 3-5 times over face as first step of skincare or with makeup.
 Use over body, hair, fingernails, and all other rough parts for instant hydration.

Texture / Feel:
When the two layers of clear water and yellow oil are mixed, it just feels like a refreshing mist upon each spray. Great as an instant cooler and hydrant. 

1. Overall, THANK YOU FARMER products feel mild, gentle and luxurious on skin.
2. Recommended for those looking for anti-aging solutions with moisturizing and whitening benefits.  

THANK YOU FARMER products are now available at all SaSa Malaysia outlets
and selected AEON stores.

For more information, please visit:
Instagram: @thankyoufarmer_my

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