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03 July, 2019

Reasons Why Sunglasses are Not Just A Fashion Statement

Sunglasses are one of the essential pieces of summer wear. They block out the sun and serve as a fashion statement with every outfit. Celebrities wear them, professionals wear them, and you probably do too. While they do serve as an enhancement to your physical appearance, they also serve very important purposes beyond that. Here are some of the benefits of wearing sunglasses. 

Ability to block out harmful rays

One reason that sunglasses are very important during the summer is their ability to block out UV rays. Sunglasses that have the proper ratings can completely protect your eyes from UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays. This can lower the risk of contracting cancer from prolonged sun exposure. This is contingent on the quality of the sunglasses. Most online retailers offer wholesale sunglasses by the dozen that offer complete protection from UVA and UVB rays. You can also go to your local mall to get sunglasses that protect you from those rays. Wherever you get them, it's important to wear sunglasses so that you can ensure your protection.

Protection from infection

Another reason that it is prudent to wear sunglasses is the added protection they offer from eye infections. The atmosphere around us is filled with germs and bacteria. Sunglasses can minimize your exposure to these harmful organisms and lower the amount of bacterial, fungal and viral infections that you will contract. There are studies that suggest that reduced direct exposure to the atmosphere can lead to exfoliation syndrome. Exfoliation syndrome is an eye condition that leads to secondary open-angle glaucoma. Secondary open-angle glaucoma can cause cataracts and blindness. According to a study published by JAMA, Ophthalmology, sunglasses can lower the probability of this happening.

Relief from headaches

Sunglasses can also lower the number of headaches and migraines that you experience. There have been tests that have concluded that sunglasses are able to eradicate the type of sunlight that causes strain on the eyes. These benefits also carry through when talking about low-quality sunglasses, however, they are much less pronounced.

Healing and recovery

Furthermore, sunglasses can promote healing and recovery. If you stare at a computer screen for any prolonged period, chances are that you are straining your eyes. For them to continue working at optimal levels of performance, you need to ensure that they receive the most rest as possible. While taking a break from screens can help, going outside can cause your eyes to continue to be strained. The best way to be able to enjoy the outdoors while simultaneously preventing your eyes from continued strain is sunglasses. Sunglasses allow your eyes to take a break. This is doable if you have had any sort of eye-related procedure done. Your doctor might even write a prescription for sunglasses if your procedure was serious enough.

Road safety

Sunglasses can also keep you safe on the roads. The sun naturally can at times cause glares that prevent you from seeing the road effectively while driving. Car crashes are one of the leading causes of death in the world. You can help protect yourself and other motorists by investing in a pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses offer so many important benefits that go beyond a simple fashion statement. They can keep you safe from a wide range of potentially debilitating conditions and situations. While they are stylish, sunglasses are an accessory that everyone should have. They make summer a more pleasant and healthy time for all.

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