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19 August, 2019

What is Asian Eyelid Surgery?

The beauty standards in East Asia vary interestingly between the three main countries; South Korea, China, And Japan. But the three, however, view the feminine beauty in the same way, which is to be sweet and gentle. The idea differs drastically with the Western standards that suggest that feminine ideals are all about extroverted sexuality, harsh jaw lines, and features, along with a perfect bronze complexion. If we look closely, we will find some common ideal beauty standards among most East Asia countries. The skin has to be fair and flawless, being skinny and tall, and the most important one, is double eyelids. Monolid eyes are more accepted these days, yet still, Asian eyelid surgery is one of the most common cosmetic procedures out there. But why do people have this procedure done and what is it? That’s what we will explain further right here.

What Is Asian Eyelid Surgery?

Blepharoplasty -or the double eyelid surgery- create a natural-looking crease for people who don’t have an eye fold right above their eyelashes. This procedure is not to “correct" how your eyelids look, but it rather focuses on enhancing your features. While there is nothing wrong with a bit of cosmetic assistance to enhance our looks and to feel better about ourselves, there are so many other reasons that people get this surgery. Take some time to read what professionals say about the procedure to fully understand how it works and what to expect. Specialists begin with examining the eye to consider any pre-existing fold before they start building a detailed operative plan. Some measures are then taken to calculate everything before the procedure; from the position of any existing crease, any herniated orbital fat, and evaluating brow position along with the lid position. Collecting all this information helps professionals out to determine which surgical technique the patient needs to acquire their goals.

Cosmetic Concerns

The surgery goes far deeper than just creating a fold in the eyelid. Many people seek these procedures as some type of anti-aging treatment to all their eye issues. Sagging is inevitable due to gravity and so is sagging of the skin around our eyes; it’s an unavoidable part of aging. There are many cosmetic reasons that people consider this procedure for, here are some of these reasons. 
  1. To reduce the lower eyelid bagginess.
  2. Removing excess skin and fatty tissues from the eye area.
  3. To define gravity by correcting the drooping of one’s eyes.
  4. To correct defects and improve the aesthetic appeal by creating a crease on the eyelid that makes the eyes look more alert and vibrant.

Medical Concerns

People don’t just approach this treatment just for cosmetic concerns. Blepharoplasty is sometimes required for medical concerns to improve vision and function. Some patients struggle with many symptoms that are caused by the drooping of the eyelids. They might suffer from constant eye fatigue or headaches. Other patients find it very hard to read, drive, and other simple activities in their daily lives. Typically, you should book a consultation if you feel like you might be suffering from any of these symptoms or if you feel that your eyelids are affecting the quality of your life.

The Controversy

Many might argue wholeheartedly that the popularity behind double eyelid surgery in Asia is the applied pressure on Asian women to look more Caucasian or “white”. These concerns may have been applicable in the past when women desired aesthetics with foreign sense. People back then wanted to look more like the American troops after the war. That’s not the case anymore. Many Asian women fear to undergo these types of surgeries so the world won’t think that they are “tweaking” their ethnicity. The world today is more open to why women feel the need to beautify themselves. The media might push some ideal beauty standards that pressure women into these types of treatments, but the feminist world we live in today shouldn’t shame anyone if they simply want to change something about their looks that is bothering them.

People should be entitled to their choices of seeking any amount of cosmetic help if they want, we should do whatever makes us happier and more comfortable in our skin. Many women suffer from depression or spend hours in front of the mirror hating how they look. Regardless of our gender, race, or ethnicity, most of us want to age like fine wine and there is no shame in that. Getting some cosmetic assistance such as the double-eyelid surgery has helped many people to feel good about themselves and to even improve their sight.

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