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25 October, 2020

[HAIR] Review: SANC Premium Hair Dryer

Today's review is kinda special because it is a premium hair dryer imported from Japan -
which I got from ToCoo Mall, a Japanese online shopping site which ships internationally.

Meet the latest SANC Premium Dryer, a product by hair specialist, Shoichi Tanimura!

Product Name: SANC Premium Dryer 
Size: 245 x 250 x 100 mm 
Weight: 505g
Rated voltage: 100 V
Rated frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Power consumption: 1100W
Cord length: 3m
Country of Origin: Korea
Distributor: Trio Shoji Co., Ltd.
Electric plug: Type A (US, Canada, Japan)
International travel adapter: Required if your country is not using Type A plug 

Design wise, it exudes a very sleek and premium feel with a user-friendly button panel.

Function wise, it is one of the most premium hair dryers I have ever seen,
as it is fully equipped with 7 key benefits for healthy scalp and hair.

❤ Handmade 100% ceramic heater
More efficient, durable and portable. 

❤ Constant temperature
Energy saving and efficient.

❤ Gentle on scalp
The adenosine acid generated by far-infrared radiation can help activate cells, kill bacteria, and accelerate the discharge of waste products, so it improves the scalp condition while drying. 

❤ Negative ion generator
- This is my favourite function among all.
- The negative ion effect is maximised to prevent cuticles from being damaged or dry.
- It results in extra shiny and smooth hair condition. 

❤ Gentle wind
- Warm air and cold air will come out at the same time. 
- It helps to close the hair cuticles quickly, hence bringing gloss to the hair and prevent fading.

❤ Nano technology
- It gives the hair a sleek, shiny look while promoting antimicrobial effects.

❤ Not affected by harmful electromagnetic waves 
- Such electromagnetic waves which are normally emitted from all hair dryers, can now be almost eliminated through handmade 100% ceramic heaters.
- Safe for pregnant women, children and babies. 

Since it is a product from Japan, the plug may not suit certain countries,
and hence an international adapter is required. 


Life is short, so make every hair flip fabulous!

One of the best investments to make is to invest in yourself, especially on a good hair dryer that can help keep your hair scalp healthy and your hair always in a smooth, frizz-free and manageable condition.

Shop now at ToCoo Mall, and enjoy free international shipping!

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