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07 March, 2024

[Food Review] Cappadocia Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant @ Kampong Glam, Singapore

Feeling Turkish in Kampong Glam? Time to 'fly' to Cappadocia!

Named after the ancient city in Turkey, Cappadocia is an authentic Turkish-Mediterranean restaurant tucked along the vibrant Bussorah Street in the famous Kampong Glam of Singapore. We heard lots of good reviews about this award-winning restaurant and therefore we are here to try out the traditional dishes from the Middle East!

If you are visiting the iconic Sultan Mosque, surely you will pass by this vibrant blue shophouse
which is located along the street towards the direction of the mosque.

Cold Appetizer - Meze Tabagi

We start the meal with the popular traditional platter.
Served with soft, airy lavash bread, the sharing platter includes:

 Hummus (pureed chickpeas with tahini, cumin and olive oil)
 Moutabbal (charcoal grilled eggplant with tahini)
 Baba ganoush (charcoal grilled eggplant with fresh herbs)
 Ezme (Finely chopped tomatoes, chilli peppers and Turkish spices - our favourite!)
 Coban salata (diced cucumbers, tomatoes and onions in pomegranate dressing)

Hot Appetizer - Borek

Next up is the petite crisp Turkish pastry rolls. Filled with feta cheese and herbs, 
it is simple yet so satisfying.

Hot Appetizer - Falafel

My favourite! The vegetarian-friendly balls are made of mashed chickpeas and green vegetables 
blended with old spices. Definitely a traditional appetizer that never loses its charm.

Turkish Pizza - Mushroom Pide

It is my first time sampling pizza in Turkish style. The thick crust bread is topped with mushroom, veggie sauce and mozzarella. Punch packed with spiced flavours, it is surprisingly light on the palate and does not feel greasy at all.

Mains - Mixed CAPPA Kebab

For the kebab, we have a platter for two (you can choose your portion up to 6 pax), yet the platter turns out to be sizeable and fill up our tummies to the brim. 

Served on a bed of butter rice and garden salad, the platter consists of 5 cuts of charcoal-grilled kebabs - adana lamb, adana chicken, shish tawook, shish kebab and chicken wings. The adana chicken is my personal favourite as the meat is so succulent and rich in Turkish spices and herbs.  

Dessert - Kunefe 

Kunefe is undoubtedly a must-try whenever you visit a Turkish restaurant. Dubbed as Turkey's finest treat, this dessert is made of thin vermicelli pastry baked in soft cheese and is served with sweet syrup and cream which you can customise the sweetness based on your preference. The cheese flavour is so light and subtle to my liking.

Specialty Drink - Turkish Coffee

The best is often saved for the last. We have a great time sipping on the thick an rich Turkish coffee over a stream of conversations and laughter. It is a very finely ground coffee brewed by boiling, but it is not for the faint hearted as it contains more caffeine than a typical drip coffee. 

If you are up for authentic, flavourful Turkish, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine,
Cappadocia is sure to win your heart! 

Cappadocia Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant
69 Bussorah St, 
Singapore 199482.

Contact: +65-9677 9072

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