28 February, 2024

Dear Diary | February 2024 Edition

Hello, February! 

February is supposedly a month filled with festive joy and happiness especially when spending precious time with friends and family during the Chinese New Year, but frankly for me it is a month of self-healing from the mixed emotions and confusion. I am still on the road towards recovery but am feeling better now :) 

01.02.2024 | Izakaya Shun. ❤ The month began with a Japanese omakase review in an Izakaya style. Pretty interesting concept tho! Feel free to read more about my food review here.

02.02.2024 | Hana Hana (華花) @ Tanjong Pagar
Just documenting down one of the most memorable Fri-dates since my last visit here in May 2023.

03.02.2024 | Time for CNY preparation! And here I am again, in Chinatown, to experience the vibrant street market despite the scorching hot weather. Lovin' the festive energy and vibes here! 

04.02.2024 | Workout weekend. What could be better than sweating it out during the pre-CNY weekend? I went for aerial yoga (too "advanced" for an amateur like me lol) and spin classes two days in a row, and it reminded me to get back into my usual exercise routine... Fun experience tho!  

Five Oars Coffee Roasters Heritage @ Tanjong Pagar | 
Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique @ Craig Road

04.02.2024 | Post-workout treat. It has been a long time since I last had such beautiful laidback afternoon - enjoying a good meal with a great companion. Slow afternoon like this is rare, and somewhat a real luxury in life :) 
Light to Night Festival 2024 @ National Gallery Singapore

05.02.2024 | Back to the annual art festival. ❤ Taking the centerstage this round is the enormous, luminescent saga seed at the Padang, symbolising energy and hope. I personally love the light projections which come with riotous compositions and vivid colors, which, again are full of energy!⚡️ And thank you team for featuring my photos on the official page. 

Also had this opportunity to visit the art exhibition featuring the Chinese ink master, Liu Kuo-sung (刘国松)'s masterpieces over the past 70 years. // Thanks for sharing with me your passion in art 

龙年大吉 Happy Dragon Year! 

10.02.2024 | Homebound. And I am all dressed up in white silk cheongsam for this Chinese New Year. Lovin' the prosperous decorations of a vibrant persimmon harvest in Mid Valley Megamall this year. 

P/S: Thanks CASETiFY for the CNY collab!

12.02.2024 | 年初三. ❤ Blessed to be able to spend the festive season with my dearest family and friends although it is only for a short 5 days of CNY. Hope that we can continue this tradition one year after another...

年初三 #ohfishieeOOTD 

The V day. 

14.02.2024 | ❤ Blessed. Our 2nd Valentine's together. Thank you for not only calling me a Princess, but always treating me as one. Thank you for always wiping my tears; and thank you for all happiness that you constantly bring into my life. 

2023 • 2024 | 感谢依然有你 

Going French-Japanese in the Michelin-starred Whitegrass. 

16.02.2024 | Belated Valentine's dinner. Thanks for arranging this for me, for us. And the heart-to-heart conversation we had till late night. Anyway, Whitegrass' degustation menu was full of beautiful surprises; read my full experience here

17.02.2024 | Workout Weekend. Finally spent a good weekend of self-love and self-care -- went for a one-hour mat pilate class, followed by visiting a bagel café I have been wanting to explore. It felt great to spend some quiet time like this with myself :)

Hiroshima Tourism Association's Ambassador Event

24.02.2024 | Welcome to Hiroshima (literally)It was such a privilege to be one of the tourism ambassadors for the Hiroshima prefecture. The event was pretty insightful for those who are interested to visit the prefecture. Hope that I will make my way to Hiroshima (and the surrounding islands) in the near future! 

Thanks for the certification, business cards and prefecture-exclusive merchandise.
Looking forward to more tourism events with Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)!

My first pottery painting class @ Am I Addicted, Orchard Central
| Singapore’s Newest & Biggest Korean Pottery Studio 

25.02.2024 | Let's get artsy! Our beautiful Sunday kickstarted with a one-hour pottery painting class which really tested my creativity. Designing my own artwork and painting with the special clay paint were not exactly the easiest thing to do, but it was a sweet Sunday well-spent on trying out new things with my favourite person.  

❤ ❤ 

February is nothing short of love, care, pain and tears.

The first half of the month has been full of tears, guilt, self-doubt and worry. However, I am glad that things have improved tremendously after several medical consultations. And I am finally regaining the momentum at work, and reviving my everyday mood.

It has come to my realisation that happiness not only comes from within, but also from our surroundings. When we surround ourselves with people or things that constantly make us unhappy, it would amplify the negativity in our daily life. On the contrary, when we constantly have people who are supportive of what we do while showing care and love, our daily life would then be at ease even during challenging times. People like this are rare gems and hard to come by; so cherish them with all your might while you can :)  

Way towards a better self, once again!


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