31 May, 2024

Dear Diary | May 2024 Edition

Hello, May!  

May -- is a month full of hope and possibilities, just in the name itself. May we chase nothing but a better life. Hence I have been trying my best to cope with "life" - work, studies, health, family, etc. 

This month has been filled with a lot of personal time, allowing me to learn to see the things that made me feel uneasy through a different light...which are exactly all I needed in order to change my life for the better.

My kind of happy place 

01.05.2024 | Happy Labour Day! It's been a long time since I last visited my happy place. Going through the MacRitchie nature trail always gives me a sense of peacefulness and reminds me of the freedom I have to do what I enjoy.

The most rewarding part of the walk is to sit by the lake and watch the kayak slowly floating amidst the reflection of the deep blue sky in the water. 

Lad & Co @ Tanglin Rd | Nico Cafe @ Wheelock Place

Since it is a Labour Day, it is always good to reward myself with some good food, such as tucking into the popular fish and chips in town, followed by a relaxing afternoon in a quaint café located at the corner of the Orchard area. 

Chen's Mapo Tofu @ Downtown Gallery

04.05.2024 | Back to content creation, something which I never stop loving and learning. Thanks for the invited food review. And their award-winning Mapo Tofu is really good - smooth and chunky, with the right amount of spicy-savoury minced meat. Worth revisiting!

Brunch @ Symmetry

05.05.2024 | Back to one of the better cafes I visited during the early days in Singapore. Spending a lazy Sunday brunch here reminds me that it's been my 18 months here and still counting. Thank you for the great food.
11.05.2024 | My running diary. Back to my running routine after months of hiatus. It helps a lot to keep my sanity especially during the rough days in May. I am happy to see some progress in my stamina lately, hopefully it continues to get better over time...

My first Microsoft certification!

15.05.2024 | I spent the past week attending virtual sessions and studying for PL-900 - Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification and went through the pain of switching from having a proctored test to sitting for the test in a test centre. Finally, I am glad that I made it! ❤ 

Technology advancement is really catching up lately, and I am glad to be working in an environment which I get to learn and grow while remaining agile towards the technological change. More learning to come, hopefully. 

CHANEL Parfumeur Masterclass: A Fragrance Experience

17.05.2024 | Happy to be here to discover the 19 different fragrances of Les Exclusifs De Chanel, a collection imbued with a special narrative about Gabrielle Chanel. It is a pretty impressive experience to learn about the elegant collection of fragrances in which each scent evokes a chapter from the story of Gabrielle Chanel, reflecting the life and character of Mademoiselle.

My favourite: COMÈTE 

Among the 19 scents, this newly-launched item is my personal favourite. COMÈTE is a trail of stardust, a celestial jewel and a halo of light, spreading a force of optimism for those who are convinced that the planets will align with their lucky star.  

Rich, elegant and complex in nature, it has sparkling and powdery notes on the nose, then slowly releasing the intensely floral and luminous notes from the cherry blossom. Definitely a more unique scent as compared to the classic N°5.

Madu Bakery | Favourite cereal prawn croissant

18.05.2024 | Revisiting one of the quaint cafes near home since we had a pleasant experience here back in October 2023, before they close down on 2nd June. The cereal prawn croissant is really good and I gonna miss this...

Back-of-House Tour: "Former Supreme Court: Unseen, Unheard"

18.05.2024 | Happy to explore part of Singapore Heritage Festival 2024, by joining the exclusive tour to the former supreme court. It offers a glimpse into restricted areas of the former Supreme Court, usually out of bounds to the public, including going behind-the-scenes and experiencing how a person on trial traverses a network of hidden passageways and climbs through a trapdoor into the prisoner's dock.

Here we also get to sit at the Viewing Gallery where members of public used to sit during court hearings and discover the stories of some highest-profile cases in Singapore's history since 1939, tried in these very courtrooms. Overall, it is an unexpectedly pleasant and interesting 75-minute session! 
Lovin' the beautiful architecture of National Gallery Singapore!

A date with Aurora Borealis 

20.05.2024 | Happy 520; We are here celebrating the little meaningful day of love experiencing the magical splendour of the Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights amidst the supertrees. 

Created by the Switzerland-based artist Dan Acher, the outdoor art installation combines layers of light and cloud particles where the magical splendour of the aurora borealis is recreated to illuminate the night skies of Supertree Grove. What a fascinating blend of art and technology!
JOIE Korean vegetarian casual fine dining 

22.05.2024 | Happy Vesak Day! Our lunch at JOIE is full of surprises as it serves innovative creations with Korean-European flair. Coincidentally well fitted for the occasion itself. Read more about my review here.

Favourite Senryo dinner date 

25.05.2024 | Homebound. Back to the usual dental visit and hospital runs. Nothing much really, but good enough to take a break from the constant feeling of chaos in my mind. 

May has been a month full of surprise gifts!

Hello, Singpen twinnie! 

Miniso Citypen Singapore edition is finally here! Thanks for pampering me with these two cutie lions... ❤ Excited to have them at home to be part of my favourite penguin family now. 

Thank you! | Favourite stuff from Hong Kong  

520  | Happy 520 gifts // Thanks for always pampering me.

Thank you, May, for making me realise that I can change the way I react on things that I cannot change. Hopefully I can learn to be happier by making little changes to my mindset. 

Way towards a better self, once again!


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