Wednesday, April 30, 2008

{{{ *Maiii*Life* }}}

04 30 2008~
{{{ 3 morons in a day }}}

What an unlucky day today…
Today I went to school as usual, attending the classes and being a good student once again after skipping classes for the past two days LOL. Right after we got into the class, he came to ask me about the case happened yesterday. I did not know how to answer, and perhaps that offended him and he just walked off. From that very moment, we did not talk again for the whole day. Well sorry, perhaps I really did not have the ‘heart’ to solve anything happened between us.
Right after school, I went to tuition classes, with the two fella. Once I stepped out of the school, I met the 1st moron today --- who was talking to my friend about the Jesus stuff =.= Duh, I had met this uncle in front of the school gate until bored already. So nevermind, the story continued…
After the tuition center officer collected our cards, I got back my card with a piece of note- “Call me. Timothy. 0162151616.” 2nd moron of the day, I guessed. When I reached home, I received a text from this number, the content was totally rude--- with vulgars more than normal English words. And the texts continued to reach my phone non-stop. I just replied him, “Please fuck off, because I guessed you had texted wrong number and stop scolding people with such words”. Well he continued texting me and scolded me with all sorts of vulgars AGAIN. I really got angry, but fine after all it was just a bloody stranger and moron.
After classes, we went home by taking LRT. While waiting for the train, an uncle came to sit beside me and touched me, saying stupid things in front of my friends again. And I got damn pissed of him, but still I had got to be patient since he was older than me. So he was the 3rd moron I met today.
But still, in this entire day, my mood was quite happy, and I did laughed for no reason during classes, LOL Yang, don’t complain because I really got kinda crazy today. And it was not PMS k? Hahas, I bet both of you were sort of scared of me today --- for being so crazy and 38 in the whole afternoon LOL.

04 29 2008~
{{{ I live a solitary life }}}

Well, it was photography session again today. Things went well, except the part of the Form 5’s photograph with the headmistress, PK1 and PK2. One of our members had burst into tears due to the incorporation and bossiness of some ‘people’. And me too, did cried, but for nothing I guessed. LOL I really didn’t know how to answer when all of you asked me why did I cried, because I simply have had no good yet practical reason for it. Anyway I apologized for being so bithcy today. I knew I didn’t talk or be friendly to many of you due to the emotion of mine at that time. And I apologized if I caused any misunderstandings or uneasiness between all of you and me. Sorry, palsss…

Monday, April 28, 2008

It was nothing after all...

04 28 2008~
{{{ 4.40pm }}} Just reached home, so tired after walking and raising up my voice for the whole day for the photography session. But it’s nice also larh, coz’ I managed to get into the pictures of 5 clubs/societies --- Librarian Board, Interact Club, Kelab Pencegahan Jenayah, Science and Maths Society, Chess xD. And I got to ponteng class for the whole day, how nice it was, but not so when there were loads of homework to be followed up later. And tomorrow the same thing will be going on as well, wee~ But I knew I couldn’t skip HER class, damn’it. So…the last threes are just for fun and to add up the number of members in the photo LOL. Yea I knew it might sound lame and kinda 38, but who cares since I’d love it. And Ah Soo, thanks for the drinks today, I really didn’t know that you’re so gentleman to buy me the drinks for free LOL. Oh ya before I forget, I would like to apologize to you that I didn’t really bother to talk to you today, due to the busyness, and I just feel not right today =].

04 27 2008~

T_T so sad today, I have lost my pencil case for no reason =.=” I remembered right before I went for tuition class, I put it into my bag while telling me how forgetful I was to leave it at home. Then I got into her car and continued our sojourn to tuition. Finally we sat down right after reaching there. Surprisingly, when I opened my bag, I found it no longer here, but where did it go? Duh…xXx source unidentified xXx. I knew it might be just a cheap pencil case, but it is new, for God’s sake. There are new pens, shaker, highlighter, timetable, and most importantly all the keychains I hanged onto it T_T --- the lil’ red chain from Bali, bought by my bestie, the only and one irreplaceable strawberry key chain which I made it myself some time ago, and lastly the key chain from him for my 14th birthday, I guessed I was not wrong in remembering the origin of those chains. Sigh~ Sadly, nobody found it, she said it was not in the car, and I kinda up sided-down my room in search of the small but useful red case, but finally it was of no sight though…

Saturday, April 26, 2008

04 26 2008~ {{{ 我不想想太多 }}}

Today we went to Karnival Gemilang of SMK Seri Saujana. He was waiting for me at the entrance when I reached there. So we went in and walked round and round the school, browsing through loads of stalls with their very own brochures for us. I met many friends there --- Goon Kee, Li Mei, Kien Kok, Chun Kit, Daniel (OmG he had changed a lot), Rue, Renee, Yen Yi, Yus and loads of our schoolmates, including lou dao and his family =.=” In a group of five (KS, KY, Justin and the missing Yong Han), we went into the haunted house. It was so dark there that I couldn’t see a thing or ghost in it. The place seemed interesting but no, ours is better xD xD. But still we will improve our haunted mansion in future =D. Games? Loads of kids games there I supposed, so nothing much to comment here. Food! Various choices awaiting us, but considered quite expensive lerh. And I spent mmy very first piece of coupon at Daniel/Yenki ‘s stall --- homemade honeydew drink --- an extremely sweet one. I think I only bought waffles, ice creams and drinks in the entire morning. Overall it was fun, at least better than our school one ^^. And coincidentally I met someone whom seemed far from me for already quite a long time. A blend of unhappiness and confusion rushed into my heart. I dared not to say hi to them, in the case that my heart would shatter once again. Do I look sad at the very moment? I don’t know, I am just confused.

I went straight to tuition right after the event. I reached early, hence I sat at the first row of BM class. The tutor came into the class and did something that sort of pissed me off. Whatever you said or did is none of my business. Whatever it was, I knew that you loved embarrassing your students in the crowd like what you did today. Next, I went down to ask Mr. How an Add Maths question which I couldn’t solve, but to my surprise he himself too, did not know how to do it as well. In Physics class, it was revision class today for the entire Chapter 2, so I kinda listened to him while my mind had flown to somewhere I didn’t belong to. Finally, he told me that almost all the answers I circled were wrong. OmG, I got panicked and re-checked. Sadly, I got only 3 questions correct out of 10, sigh… How dumb am I in Physics… Finally, during Add Maths class, the conversation began again…
Mr. How: Sorry arh, gurl. Don’t get angry arh, I will try to get the solution for your question just now.
Me: Oh nevermind (smiles)
Mr. How: Are you ok, gurl? Don’t be sad, I am sorry larh, but honestly I tell you, there are questions in your Add Maths textbook which I can’t solve, you know? Because the questions are already not in syllabus.
Me: (listens)
Mr. How: Is there anything happened today? Why do you look so sad?
Me: Har? No arh, I am okiee
Mr. How: No, I can feel that something is missing from you today. Are you sure that you are really ok today?
Me: Yea (speechless)

His question popped up repeatly during the one-hour class. Do I really look that sad? Or I am just too tired to still stay awake at 4++ pm? Didn’t I hide my sadness all behind? What happened to me? Does the scene I met today really matter that much? Or there’s something else?… @_@” blurrr

{{{ Droplets of water ran through my face,
I sat all alone in a real odd place,
As I stood up to wipe off my tears of despair,
I realized there is no one around me; nowhere.

I have to see myself all alone,
No one to hear me, no one to hold,
Screaming and crying; I wept like a child,
Exasperated, sad ,cold and wild.

By: im3i }}}

Thursday, April 24, 2008

04 24 2008~

Happy belated birthday, Spell~ Bout the present we gave you yesterday, I think many people already knew about it. LOL I only know that the whole 4F knew it, and you even wrote it in blog T_T… Thanks Daphne for saying that it is the coolest gift ever LOL. But according to someone, when a girl presents such thing to a guy, the naughty thoughts appear automatically. But sorry, that is not what I think. I just feel that it would be a very memorable one, at least you will write it up in your blog right? XD. Bout the happy box thingy, I bought it simply because you are happy Spell, isn’t it so in your blog? >.< And of course it is your big day, so we should make you happy right? Thanks so much to Mr. Goh Boon Pin, for spreading everything around until those 4A’s and 4B’s knew bout this, and having sort of bad impression towards KY and I. Duh, whatever it is, I am glad that I bought it myself, and gifted it to you xD xD.

Today I went for lunch at the restaurant with him. The place was fully occupied, so we sat with two aunties, I think they were those hawkers or something. While the food came and we started eating, an uncle came and sat with us. He said, “ Leng luii, can you move your place abit further there?” He sat beside me, chatting with the aunties. –silence- I had got nothing to say, hence continued eating. LOL they saw we looked like one whole family having lunch together. Duh =.= I really didn’t know that KL people did this too

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

04 22 2008~ Hapi bdae, Ken Meng & Glory~

Student: Teacher, may I go to class XXX to look for XXX?
Teacher: Why?
Student: Err… to find her for…
Why are you wearing the necklace?
Student: Ha? This is a praying necklace worh
Teacher: Nono, you should not have wear this to school
Oh my, why you wear bracelet also? Take it off now.
(Student obeys)
Teacher: Since when you become like this arh? Do you know that you are the best example for everyone or not? Since when you turn to such a bad girl? You learn from who?
Student: Err…
Teacher: Weii, I am asking you a question. Faster answer me.
Student: [shit] Ha? No larh, didn’t learn from anyone…
Teacher: Don’t have arh? Ohh wear ring somemore arh? Faster take off everything NOW
(kk, obeys)
Teacher: You should not be like that larh, who teach you wan? Or you learn from who?
(awaiting for response)
Student: Err teacher, let me go lerh..
Teacher: Ok larh ok larh, you go larh, faster come back arh…

Damn’ it . Yeapz got caught by such a strict teacher, what response did she expect me to give? Sigh, means I gave her a bad impression towards me again? Duh, I found it really hard to please teachers like this, and I knew it’s my fault. I am a bad student, I have had to admit it. I simply couldn’t figure since when I behave so, but there’s one thing I am sure of, that is I will still play the good part of me. I am sorry.

04 21 2008~ 我再次为你而流泪

那天真的很抱歉~ 当时我知道你很不爽我爸,但你肯忍--- 你把这份感受收藏在心地。你也没show出来。但我怕我太了解你了吧,我知道你会把这件事写上blog里。果然不出我所料,当晚你真的把你所有的不满和不爽的事情写下来了。他说你肥胖,对不起,但他只是在开玩笑而已。你不用那么介意别人对你的看法吧? 至少我们一直都没曾说过你任何不好的东西。但当我读你的blog时,我真的觉得你有点过分吧?你不该这样写我爸,而且你还说了许多句让人很反感的话。你要他尊重你,但你可以先尊重自己吧?你常把我跟你比较,你觉得这样很爽,很好玩吗?我从来都没有兴趣和你比较任何东西,因为我明白一个道理--- “人比人,比死人”。 你每次都要赢我,你觉得赢的感觉很好吗? 你觉得我比你聪明,漂亮,瘦,etc… 但你提的每一件事都只是你对我的看法而已。如果你常常都要跟我比较的话,你不会觉得生活过得太辛苦了吧?不懂你是否有听说过这句话---珍惜你所拥有的东西。我越读下去就越感到伤心。我终于了解到原来你从来都没把小学时候的事情忘掉。你一直把每件事情放在心里,你不会觉得这是对你情绪的负担吗?我以为我们已经长大了,试想变得比以前成熟,但原来我错了。你还是那么孩子气,你还再提起那些往事。这以经证明了你本来就是那么小气。为何我可以把所有不愉快的事情忘掉,但你不行呢?我们本来就是好朋友,我们的默契可以比任何人好,但为何你要常常弄到某些事情那么复杂呢?难道我们不能做真正的朋友吗?难道你只是假装做我朋友而已? 我对你很失望了。。。也许我真的不配成为你朋友

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Attention to all who helped for the haunted mansion for days and weeks... There will be a party held specially for us, Pn. Assemah will treat us all we want xD. However, we still don't know how much is the budget of hers. But still she got so happy that we earned so much for her, and she will treat us, she promised...
Sook Kuan~ Yee Wen~ Sze Hui~ Kei Yan~ Ying Hui~ Vivian~ Szu Wah~ Jen Yi~ Wei Ying~ Wei Kuan~ Chian Wen~ Wan Yoke~ Chew Mun~ Fui Ling~ Rebecca~ Jian Ni~ Swet Mun~ Mhun Yee~ Hon Mun~ Jun Won~ Justin~ Chin Thong~ Kok Fei~
Erm 23 of us? Budget will be lowered down I think =X =X. Anyway time and place will be informed soon.. and have fun =]

Friday, April 18, 2008

04 18 2008~

Finally the Library Week has ended. Our main activity held today that is the haunted mansion, is a great success. From the planning of creating a haunted mansion inside the library, then shoppings for the ghostly-like masks and decorations, until the days we do everything in DIY, to cut costs, and finally Friday is the day when our hardwork pays off. I really enjoyed today, pretending to be a ghost, hiding behind the black hanging cloths to scare people off. Dipping my hand into the cold ice water and holding people’s feet with my freezing hand is a nice thing, I love listening to the screams and cries of theirs xD. Then I switch job with others, and I become the scary guide. Besides guiding them the way along in the haunted mansion, I also scare them with the torchlights and hair all over my face xD. What to do, that time we have not enough ghosts marh =/… From yesterday we arranged the tables, chairs and racks and put clothes onto them, until today 4.30pm finally we close our haunted house. It gets a great response from people especially afternoon session people. We are sorry that those little kids have had to cry due to our scariness, but it is fun, isn’t it? Screaming in the dark could be a leisure anyway LOL. By the way, Spell, I didn’t cao your sui larh, touching your leg only marh, no need to be so scared de =X… Everyone gets extremely exhausted late in the afternoon, scaring people is a tough job also actually. But thinking back bout the money we earn today, it is the best part of the worst =D. Just a day to earn that amount of money is totally a great job =], I guess the part that satisfies me most is this. Painting those posters and masks are not easy after all, this shows how much effort we put into this 4-hour-activity lol. Hope to have a better, nicer haunted house in future, maybe in the coming Hari Kokurikulum? >.< hehes

04 17 2008~

I got so sad today, you were complaining too much about me. I have once told you that I am not a good gf. You don’t believe it, and now you are telling me the part you dislike bout my attitude and me. You said that I don’t look like your gf, but what is your definition of “bf+gf”? In my opinion it is totally alright now. Then you complained that I always kept myself in the library, and did not spend a second for you. But have you ever cared and try to know why I always stay in the library these days? Have you ever asked if I need any help from you, since doing the treasure hunt and haunted mansion activities are so tough? And you complained that I didn’t really talk to you, but have you ever thought if I actually have time to talk to anyone else, besides my teammate on our library plans? I don’t even have my time to eat, not to say doing other stuffs. I just don’t get why on earth you are always unpleasant with whatever I am doing. I have my life, you have yours, so stop controlling mine as I have never control yours. When you got pissed off someone, your mood was totally bad that you didn’t even bother to talk to me at all. You got pissed of him/her, not me. Is it my fault also and you have to treat me like that also? All I want is not this. I want to care more bout me, not to blame me for everything before knowing the truth. I want you to keep all your promises, not breaking one after another. I got way too disappointed over it, I am sorry. I hope you will change.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

04 16 2008~

04 16 2008~

First of all, Happy Birthday KY~
I waited for you down the staircases until almost 7.15am, but you didn’t appear, so I went up. Then I met another KY and grabbed her to give the present to you. But finally you told me that my homemade jelly was fantastic, too bad it’s not mine, but KY. So do thank her, not me. So I stayed at the library after school, planning for the treasure hunt game tomorrow. Darlings, don’t quarrel larh, both of you can cooperate well I believe =]. And I played with the two mischievous kids, running around the dark, spacious library after removing all the tables and chairs aside. At first, we have had fun. Soon KY went home and the gang of Shee Chien went out, so not fun liao lorh coz’ left me alone playing with the two kindergarten boys. Hence I quitted playing with them, walking into the room to help out with girls. But they two are so ‘high’ after playing awhile with us. They followed me into the room, showing their monkey faces all the way. Well kids are super energetic right? So I don’t care a thing bout them doing whatever they want. Suddenly they grabbed the feather duster and ‘played’ with me, sweeping it onto my face. They even bit my leg and slapped me with those dirty things again. I got so frantically frust--- and kept quiet. They continued doing so as if I enjoyed it a lot. Uncontrollably, I was sorry to tell that I yelled at them, asking them to get out of the entire space right at the moment. Luckily Mr. Kevin was there, bringing them back to their mums who were sitting at the canteen, drinking and chatting at that very moment. I really don’t understand why these kinds of teachers can simply dump their child aside, while they were actually so free doing their gossipings. Cute kids are like that, but I promised you that I don’t enjoy the companion of such cute kids. OmG =.= I hate these two handsome cute boys…

Friday, April 11, 2008

04 11 2008~

What an unlucky day in school~ Teachers are all hating us, because of jerks in my class. First of all, Sim 姐 already treated us badly even during the very first class of the year, for no reason. And now she was backstabbing us in other classes, saying that the members of 4G are lc and bla bla… So finally she ‘bursted’ and said that she would change to afternoon session after the change of timetable. It’s always fine if she doesn’t wish to teach us anymore, it’s just that she does not need to do such things behind us, and ‘blacklisted’ us as well. It’s okie if she hates us, but please don’t make other teachers hate us as well. And today she went into our class, and the timetable will change from next week onwards, but she will still be teaching us. Well, I considered this settled already. Then during English class today, Pn. JoJo went into class and today’s topic is past perfect tense. Some people were reading their own thick storybook and she got angry, yelled and left our class. Some of us who just came into class were looking at each other because they just didn’t know what actually happened. And those people who are supposed to be responsible in it are still laughing as if nothing happens. Knowing that she cried because of 4G, we finally went into the staffroom and apologize, so she just acted as if nothing happened and just asked us to finish up the homework. That’s all, but I feel like she will not be happy teaching our class in future anymore, because people will never forget things that had happened, no matter how long is it. Our class members don’t seem to be united after all, because everyone is blaming each other for nothing. No matter whose fault it is, now it is fine again so I hope in future such things won’t happen anymore and spoil our class reputation. After all… 4G sucks…

{{{ Mr. Yew Choon, I will do your tag thingy soon, but not now… Hoping you will be less depressed these days, don’t let him affect your mood =]… }}}
04 09 2008~

I just get to know the truth of the incident of July 2007 today. I remembered that time I was kinda frustrated over it, and sad to know that he actually did it to me. So now I knew the truth, and she told me that he would admit it now if I confront him. Whosoever did it, or whatsoever the process between it, I don’t wish to know anymore. Come on, it happened last year and I just don’t get why you wanna dig and mention this case once again. Perhaps you wish that I will confront him so that everyone knows what he did. A BIG Nono, I assure you that I won’t. For God’s sake, it was already the past, and I have forgiven him for whatever he did in the past. It is always to have a friend than an enemy right? Maybe your point of letting me know bout this is just to treat me at least a bit fairer? Whatever it is, I just wish to let you know that you failed to convince me to do what you want me to. I am not going to confront him, I am not going to make him admit it was his fault, and I am also not going to care about this old, rotten case anymore. (: All I want to make it clear is that I forgave everyone, including you, for God’s sake. I will treat all of you as my friends and there’s not any ‘political conflict’ involving me anymore. Even if it occurs, it won’t happen on me. I just hope that every single one of you could stop making rumours to make me hating someone or vice versa, because I assure that whatever you did, it will never ever affect me. After all, we’re still friends. Just stop being so childish; I love everyone of you with my heart, so stop doing this kind of things towards me.

Please fuck off and stop being so bitchy =/

Monday, April 7, 2008

04 07 2008~

It’s the 13rd SMKBBSP Sports Day again. So my basic job is just like usual --- photographing… I thought I was lucky for being in Group A, so that I could rest right after snapping those bloody VIPs giving speeches and the marches. Early in the morning she has got my phone number as she is in charge of photography on this event. Just in case anything happens, she can contact me easily. I understand and thus I did given her my number. But in a few hours time, she called me up so many times when I was sitting right the end of the stadium with them. Weiii I was relaxing, that’s why I sat that far, but why must she made me climbed up and down just because of that unimportant photos? *sigh* feeling really tired today, and don’t feel like going to school tomorrow. Many ex-Form5s came to the stadium today, and I getta chat with them awhile… so nothing much special anyway.. And unluckily there were many thefts today, and my friends were some of the victims. I don’t know why people love doing this, but perhaps that’s the culture of the students of our school anyway. Hope they will get back what they need soon. God bless you, CK and Mei Mei… CK, don’t get so fucked up, it’s that food monster’s fault anyway… I will always support you…

{{{ You’re irreplaceable~ }}}
When you find that certain someone
Who makes you feel complete…
The world is much more beautiful
And there is no such thing as defeat
Your love is generously returned when given
With gentle thoughtfulness and compassion
Always thinking of the other person first
Love is never withheld or stingy rationed

Sunday, April 6, 2008

04 06 2008~ 美好的一天

One month passed just in a blink of eyes. There were arguments, misunderstandings, blues, and so on.. But there will not be that much anymore in future, I hope. One month might be a short period to be said, but I suppose it is full of happiness, excitements and sweetness as well. Anyway I do wish that it will be more than just one month in future… perhaps one year? One decade? One century? One millennium? Etc..

So today is a beautiful Sunday. I bet when someone is in a good mood, everything in front of he or she is always beautiful and in a good condition. Haha, and vice versa of course. During Accounts class today, we ‘climbed’ to the 4th floor, seems tiring and slower than snails because there was a terrible jam along the staircase. =.= Once I reached the 4A class, Mr. S suddenly approached me and said there was no more place in the class. Seems like there were many new students again today. But I don’t even know this guy worh, why would he suddenly talk to me = =. So I just answered him spontaneously with a dumb joke, and sat on the second last row of chairs. Then suddenly he walked towards me again, saying that there were seats in front because some people went into the wrong class. And bla bla…he chatted with me awhile, I was giving him an OmG-why-this-stranger-suddenly-talks-to-me look. So finally we sat at the first row, and suddenly there was a soft sound, ‘eiii eiii eiii’… I turned and there was a girl from few rows behind me, calling me to ask if I could lend her my Journal, Cash and Ledger book. I gave her and sat back again… At the end of the class, Miss MY called me and borrowed my books back home. = = hope she will keep her promise and return it back to me next week. Then she chatted with me, and I got to know that her name is MY. After 3 hours in the tuition center, I felt tired and went home. What day is today until I was approached by so many strangers at once, hahaz… I tuitioned here for 2 years already and this is the very first time of my experience seeing people here to be so friendly… >.< Usually all of them are kinda nosey all the while.. =X =X

{{{From a psychology book, it states so}}}
Those who believe in miracles when it comes to matters of the heart may believe that there is a perfect mate chosen for each of us waiting to be discovered somewhere in the world.
But if this is true, the far greater miracle is the frequency with which fate conspires to place this person within walking distance.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

04 02 2008~ 我还是我

I dreamed a dream and in that dream,
I dreamed that I had dreamed a dream,
Of hope and fairytales come true,
I dreamed a dream and thought of truth,
I dreamed a dream of life and love,
Of fate and angels and God above,
I dreamed a dream of good wishes and friends,
I dreamed a dream I dreaded to end,
But then I woke into my dream,
I dreamed I woke in a world obscene,
I dreamed a dream of violence and hate,
And once again I dreamed of fate,
I dreamed a dream of terror and fear,
I dreamed that each word went unheard,
And so children never spoke a word,
I dreamed a dream of demons and beasts,
I dreamed a dream that ended at last,
I woke in my bed and wondered if,
I dreamed a dream of dreams or if,
I dreamed a dream of truth that night,
And if so I wondered which was truth,
And which was merely a dream.

{{{ ♀ MiźZ Szє hUi ~ღ }}}

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

04 01 2008~ Im sorry

So it's April Fool today. I said facts and people thought I’m playing since it is April Fool Day. Whatsoever it is, I never played jokes on this particular day and I don’t think it is any special day either. Sigh* perhaps I am that kind of boring person gua.. I don’t know since when and why I have been so quiet among them liao, I remembered there was some time ago when I was very talkative and quite 38 =.=” Then after school, when I was sitting outside the bus stop, I saw her, someone who is totally familiar yet sort of a stranger to me. Perhaps she does not recognize me, since we have been only met once or twice I think. And I am the person who is not important to him anymore, so how should I expect you to remember me anyway… So I just finished reading his blog, and I felt so sad over our friendship..sigh..
I don’t know what happened between us but I know the main cause is the guy whom he felt 不爽。 And why should this affect our friendship?? Or perhaps there is something else happened which I am not quite aware of? Anyway I am sorry, my dear bestie~

03 31 2008~
So I went to Times Square and Sungei Wang on this last day of March, and I walked around the whole place liao but still couldn’t find Mexico items. I was like, ~Ughh why they set the theme like this, isn’t it way too hard to even find stuffs which are almost similar to the original Mexico stuff?~ =.= And I brought a 7仔 plushie home, ^^kawaii desu ne~ Then I bought a piece of tight-fitting sweater also, I don’t care whatever she says anymore. Even if she complains or whatever, I will still wear it, hahaz.. I finally realized that I can’t keep money in me, or else I will use them all xD. Feeling tired, and met loads of people there, but I don’t know why I can’t meet people that I wish to see at the moment.. Sigh God is like that de lerh, always make things like that.. I respect Your decision no matter how.


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