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30 April, 2008

{{{ *Maiii*Life* }}}

04 30 2008~
{{{ 3 morons in a day }}}

What an unlucky day today…
Today I went to school as usual, attending the classes and being a good student once again after skipping classes for the past two days LOL. Right after we got into the class, he came to ask me about the case happened yesterday. I did not know how to answer, and perhaps that offended him and he just walked off. From that very moment, we did not talk again for the whole day. Well sorry, perhaps I really did not have the ‘heart’ to solve anything happened between us.
Right after school, I went to tuition classes, with the two fella. Once I stepped out of the school, I met the 1st moron today --- who was talking to my friend about the Jesus stuff =.= Duh, I had met this uncle in front of the school gate until bored already. So nevermind, the story continued…
After the tuition center officer collected our cards, I got back my card with a piece of note- “Call me. Timothy. 0162151616.” 2nd moron of the day, I guessed. When I reached home, I received a text from this number, the content was totally rude--- with vulgars more than normal English words. And the texts continued to reach my phone non-stop. I just replied him, “Please fuck off, because I guessed you had texted wrong number and stop scolding people with such words”. Well he continued texting me and scolded me with all sorts of vulgars AGAIN. I really got angry, but fine after all it was just a bloody stranger and moron.
After classes, we went home by taking LRT. While waiting for the train, an uncle came to sit beside me and touched me, saying stupid things in front of my friends again. And I got damn pissed of him, but still I had got to be patient since he was older than me. So he was the 3rd moron I met today.
But still, in this entire day, my mood was quite happy, and I did laughed for no reason during classes, LOL Yang, don’t complain because I really got kinda crazy today. And it was not PMS k? Hahas, I bet both of you were sort of scared of me today --- for being so crazy and 38 in the whole afternoon LOL.

04 29 2008~
{{{ I live a solitary life }}}

Well, it was photography session again today. Things went well, except the part of the Form 5’s photograph with the headmistress, PK1 and PK2. One of our members had burst into tears due to the incorporation and bossiness of some ‘people’. And me too, did cried, but for nothing I guessed. LOL I really didn’t know how to answer when all of you asked me why did I cried, because I simply have had no good yet practical reason for it. Anyway I apologized for being so bithcy today. I knew I didn’t talk or be friendly to many of you due to the emotion of mine at that time. And I apologized if I caused any misunderstandings or uneasiness between all of you and me. Sorry, palsss…

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