Sunday, March 30, 2008

03 30 08~ 错爱~

Nicholas 张栋梁 From Now On 大马演唱会

We reached at 7.10pm =.= there were crowds outside the stadium and I saw a lot of MyFM DJs. Walking past them, I saw the sale of 栋梁’s concert T-shirt, wishing to buy but it was costly. So, we went into the stadium without buying a single thing and found our places there. Sit, sit, sit and wait, wait, wait~ ;D Finally it started at 8.15pm, with the new song 新歌试唱。First time seeing him with his dance, hahaz it’s really impressing coz’ I really don’t know that he could actually dance =X. Bet he had practiced lots with his dance. He sang all his new songs, 寂寞那么多 and 错爱 also, then with the 王子 look, he sang an English song. The crowd was so impressed that the atmosphere was filled with screams. His guest was Fish 梁静如,singing a duet English song with him, and singing 崇拜 (solo). Her appearance was erm…as usual lerh, that’s why 栋梁 called her 静如姐~. Besides that, he also sang some of his songs that had been remixed. Malay, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean and English lyrics were added into various songs. And there were lyrics on the screen when he sang old songs of his =\. When he sang 付出,his tears flew onto the cheeks, maybe too 感动 gua, but usually artists were like that de =X =X. Anyway throughout the whole night, he was laughing and saying some jokes. He was not the old him anymore, hahaz, last time he looked more innocent >.< The concert finally ended at 10.15pm, with 只因为你, then encored till 10.30pm with 当你孤单你会想起谁. How I'd wish to have 张栋梁's 正版专辑~

{{{ 我真的以为爱给双倍
告诉我。。 爱怎能这样的分配 }}}

Friday, March 28, 2008

03 28 2008~

It is Friday again, one whole week of school days have passed. And everything was fine at school. And today I met a good friend of mine once again, after half a year didn’t see him, he is still the same old him, although his hair looks weird to me xD. Anyway this is not the main point I would like to mention here today…

In these five days, I went home everyday around 4pm except today. She did not ask or say a single thing, I felt weird bout it actually although I did not dare to ask why. I thought she really thinks I could take care of myself, and she needs not to bother those minor things bout me anymore. But now I know I was totally wrong to think that she has finally changed the impression towards me. She did not change, so do I. We still love quarrelling although we did not actually say it to each other. I don’t wish to be cursed, I tried my best to obey her but of course there’s always the ‘fire’ in my heart --- that I really disagree with her. Firstly, I got frustttt over the clothing issue =.=” The same old thing happens again, and this time it got worse. She disallows me to wear this and that to go out, and the worst part of it is that I don’t wish to hear those babblings anymore. Although I might not have the best taste of choosing clothes BUT I really don’t want to wear like a nerd when I go out. At least I am happy to wear what I chose for myself. Like the shirt I bought when I was at Sunway Pyramid with gurlz that time, it came back into my house and she said nice, BUT when one day I took it out from my closet and wore, she scolded as if the world was going to end at the very moment. What a bad luck to the clothes, it was dumped without even a chance to show itself out to everyone. It might be just a small thing to people, but it was as huge as one of the most important thing is my life because appearance gives the first impression to people right? Nowadays, I really don’t feel like going home when I am out, [I enjoyed the moment I had at school] because I hate the naggings. And I don’t feel like going out when I am at home because I hate to change clothes for a million times just to make her happy and myself sad.

{{{ I still can’t get over the BF VS BFF thing. Please stop talking bout us, I knew it }}}

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

03 26 2008~

Today...nothing special happened today. I don't wish to mention those boring stuff because it will only make my blog even more boring [I don't wish to get any complaints anymore].
[ Bf VS Bff ] Which is more important? I had been asked this question before, and I will always answer bff, but that doesn't mean bf is not important right? But to some kind of friends, I have got tired if you were to say that you hate him or whatsoever. It doesn't mean there is no friends when there is bf, or vice versa. Things must always be balanced right? Sigh*** I don't know why some people still cannot accept this and I don't know what should I do. I don't wish to lose an important guy because of a good friend. If you're just UNHAPPY with my decision, I am sorry because I am me...

Monday, March 24, 2008

03 24 08~ 还需要时间

Something unpredictable happened today, I have never thought that it should be that soon but I supposed it was sweet and nice. But the only and one thing that bothered me was the feeling at that very moment. Erm should be excited, happy or at least craving a smile on my lips right? But the thing was that I felt nothing at that particular time. Just normal and plain. *sigh* what happened to me?? T_T
…..I felt sorry to you…

Sunday, March 23, 2008

03 23 08 期待你的爱~

So this coming week will be another hectic week of my life after getting back all the results of my exam. Monday I will be staying for duty, so are Wednesday and Thursday. 3 days of duty in a week?? You must be asking what on earth is going on until I have to duty thrice a week right? Twice for edi room and once for lib. But surprisingly, my mum did not question me when I told her that I was going to stay back on these days. Then Tuesday will be a day of mine to do something I heart xD, perhaps this week will be different, so anyway not sure how am I going to spend my time yet. And Friday will be my bestie’s 16th birthday, hahaz you are getting one year older again xD, so supposed to celebrate with her but the plan wasn’t going right till now. Any better idea on how to celebrate for her? Oh ya mentioning bout her, I almost forgotten that I need to make a box to put in her present since I can’t find any in those places I have visited this weekend T_T. So finally Saturday will be the best day ever of the week =X, I supposed to go to school in the morning for Hari Anugerah Cemerlang { I remembered it was on 28th March last year, and it was a happy day for me due to ‘something’, it was past =] so forget it }, then there will be loads of tuition classes to be attended in the afternoon. And I guess I will be back around 5pm, and I must prepare fast for concert at night~ Looking forward to it since a month ago, but now I think I would have been exhausted at Saturday night after the whole day of traveling and sorts. So how am I going to enjoy it? Sigh~ hope to skip tuition on the day =X. At last, Sunday would be another normal day like today--- tuition and shopping day---with friends…

{{{ I wish to have your support by my side always }}}

03 22 08~ 友谊永恒

Owh, I feel that I am so stupidddd after they told me the whole story. So they broke up and I am not the main cause I supposed [^^] but he is the victim here. Sigh I really pity him because she isn’t as good as he thought. I knew that last time he used to be a playboy and he should continue enjoying his life with his old lifestyle because this girl does not worth his love at all. Anyway he was already hurt and I think I should treat him better as a friend since the misunderstandings are finally revealed. I am sorry if I have ruined the friendship between us, please allow me to mend it myself~… But all I disliked is some people who actually liked her but pretended to save the relationship for her =.= what a faker isn’t it? And he was the one who asked me not to get close to this guy as if I am really the cause of the break-up {which is not true because the truth shows he is the one}Anyway it’s none of my business anymore. No matter who is the ‘him’ right now, I will always support you^^ Gurl, you’re my friend from today onwards~ hope you can find what you need from the new ‘him’~ ^^

{{{ 與其說 當你悲傷的時候想到誰 那才是你所愛的人
不如說 願意分擔你悲傷的人 才是愛你的人 ~ }}}

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

03 19 08~

Tagged by Mr. Yew Choonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

1. Real name > "Everyone knows me here right?"
2. Nickname > Fish, sH >.< or whatever you like to call
3. Married > =.=” noooo
4. Male or Female > Female
5. Highschool > SMK Bandar Baru Seri Petaling
6. College > Do I have to think till that far??
7. Short or long hair > Longggg
8. Are you a health freak > No =.=”
9. Height > Erm 161cm? Approximately gua…
10. Do you have a crush on someone > Crush?? A yes and a no maybe?
11. Do you like yourself > Kinda
12. Piercings > Yeapz.. =D and I'd wish to have moreeeee...
13. Righty or Lefty > Righty

14. First surgery > None =.=
15. First piercing(s) > When I was 6 years old…
16. First person you see in the morning > MuM =.=
17. First award > Err small trophy during kintergarden is counted too?
18. First sport you joined > Runnnnnn =.=”
19. First pet > FiSh
20. First vacation > Langkawi =.=”
21. First concert > Duwan mention liao =.=”
22. First crush > Standard 1 ? LOL!!

23. Eating > Tidbitzzz >.<
24. Drinking > Milk =.=
25. I'm about to > post something here =.=

26. Want kids > Sure =]
27. Want to get married > Uh-huh =]
28. Careers in mind > Can I say none?? >.<

29. Lips or eyes > Lips =X
30. Hugs or kisses > Kisses =X
31. Shorter or taller > Taller~
32. Romantic or spontaneous > Both =D
33. Sensitive or loud > Sensitive =]
34. Trouble maker or hesitant > It depends..

35. Kissed a stranger > Noooo =.=”
36. Drank bubbles > No idea what is it ~LOL!!
37. Lost glasses/contacts > Nooooo
38. Ran away from home > Noooooo
39. Liked someone younger > Of coz not =.=
40. Liked someone older > Sure =]
41. Broken someone's heart > Obviously…
42. Been arrested > Noooo
43. Cried when someone died > Hmm depends =X
44. Liked a friend > Sure =]

45. Yourself > Yeapz
46. Miracles > Yesssss!!! >.< 100% LOL
47. Heaven > Sure =]
48. Santa claus > In my dreams only >.<
49. Angels > Yessssss!!! >.< I love those in fairytales LOL

50. Is there one person you want to be with right now > Sure =]
51. Do you believe in God > Yea, I guess so…
52. Tag 5 people > Whoever larh =.=

Monday, March 17, 2008

03 18 2008~

03 18 2008~
Back to school again today, everything seems fine. No comment bout the exam papers we have got back today. But about the so-called discussion we had today, I think we are just working unhappily with each other right? Thou’ you have made things ‘clear’, I don’t think there’s any way to actually erase every single misunderstandings between us. And when I was told to stay so many times in a week, I guess I just gotta quit it, don’t I? I know this is not your problem, but mine. So I have typed the letter, the only thing that matters now is whether I should print and submit it. I still haven’t decide yet, hope to meet the best solution soon. Anyway yesterday I have the url for my blog, so hope there are still people who bother to visit my site. ^^

Thank you for being my guardian angel,
Having come to the rescue in my time of need.
Angels love people as parents love children,
Nor could we a better have found of the breed,
Knowing how hard such a one is to wangle,
Yet you, with your wings and your halo half-hidden,
On us have descended with glory unbidden,
Undoing the darkness our fate had decreed.

To be an angel, one need not have wings.
In giving love there is an equal grace.
Nor need one seek the aura in the face,
As love unveils the beauty of all things.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

03 17 2008~

Thank you's are like candy as a meal,
However much I give would not suffice.
After all your listening and sharing,
Nothing that I say strikes me as real,
Knowing the full measure of your caring.
Yet thank you I must, for lack of more precise
Or fitting words, the like would my lips seal,
Undo my thoughts and drown my heart in feeling.

{A short lil' poem it is}
So...I would like to thank you guys for the support always...
Especially to Winterlove,
Well, to put your name, I just wanna make it open and clear that I am mentioning you here xD. So I knew you visited my blog all the time, whenever you're free larh sometimes. Though' you did not always drop by a message, but I knew your existence here all the time. Thanks alot, however you truly already helped me alot =] We shall be best friends forever, shouldn't we? LoLz

{I love Spell and Kei Yan too}
{Always and Forever}

Anyway it's too late to язġrέŧ
♥ hātέ Ľįfε

Saturday, March 15, 2008

03 15 2008~

So I finally decided to go there, since I have never been there for three months. Passing by familiar places of us, I even bought something that related to you both. Thinking back what I have done and troubles I have caused to you, I am really sorry bout the past. I knew I would never be able to experience it once again, for it is irreversible. Nor it is erasable from my mind. Anyway I don’t have to regret right? Since I have better treasure in front of me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Since the day I did not want to keep in touch with him anymore, friends around him are creating stories such as I have no credit, my credit was expired etc. She even told him that my mum took away my phone because I smsed too much. =.= At first I really don’t mind whatever method they used to stop him from smsing me. I was obeying them since they say I might ruin their relationship. At first I really feel guilty as if I am really the one who cause troubles to them, but I am actually innocent. She is the one who helped me to get rid of him, and she is also the cause who told Ling bout this. What’s the point of doing that? So finally yesterday he told me that he had broken up with Ling, I was about to say what the--- Did they actually break up because of me?? Why is it me again? I didn’t do anything. I am glad that I am the one he finds when he is down. But we’re just good friends, aren’t we? When they told me not to be the third party, I was already as furious as now. But fine, I did be patient and told him to cherish his good girl. And now he told me that she was angry of him and I. If this is the truth, then I better have no good friend like you, to my apology. Can anyone actually think for me by my side? I am just a friend of all of you. Why must she create stories in front of Ling? And why must people think the relationship between him and I is kinda special? I really don’t wish to hear of any of these unwanted things anymore. Please… Stop it… Be fair to me, and yourself too...

{{{ Anyway I can forgive and forget everything that all of you did to me }}}

Thursday, March 13, 2008

03 13 2008~

Today is another ordinary day. As I went into the café, I ordered a large cappuccino and tried to drink it normally. As if everything’s fine and I am just another ordinary girl walking on the street, out from home for some shopping. But I can’t do it. I just can’t escape from my thoughts. They’re churning round my head, over and over and over. When I come across attractive stuffs in shops, I just have to walk past them. I know I just couldn’t be able to afford to go out again tomorrow. Missing the fun again~ Thinking bout my expenses in these thirteen days, it seems to have shocked myself as well.

And…I just wish to have some quiet space for myself [ONLY myself]. I don’t wish to be disturbed. Why some people just couldn’t get my point?? I wish to tell you that I really need my own space, deep in my thoughts and imaginary. However, I feel like I am ruining us when I talk to you like that. I know you care for me, but that’s not the way. And the reason I felt bit mad yesterday night was I really don’t need such attention from you. However I know I have to care bout your feelings too. I feel I need a break, at least some space for me to breathe in all the air I needed. I have never in my life felt as terrible as I do when I actually did this to you. I love freedom, much more than any other thing I crave for.

[[ God, I am a disaster. I don’t deserve it. ]]

By the way, I have changed this layout, hope you like it...and I have no idea which nice song should I put in to replace this one...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

03 11 2008~

So anyway…
I'm blogging because I have nothing better to do and I am just trying to escape from doing tuition homework. So I will be starting all my nonsense again, if you don’t mind. But then again, I don't care if you mind. Holiday is the word, but the meaning in it is nothing more than any usual school day. I still have to attend tuition classes, and it is more than usual for this week. I still have to rush and force myself to understand every single thing in the notes, thou’ I don’t wish to. I still have to chat with unnecessary people bout unnecessary topics, and all the craps really annoy me. I still have to do everything repeatedly, and I think I have just got enough of it.

Yes it sounds a bit emo, but I am sorry because things aren’t going smoothly at all today. In one whole day, I met so many people that are related to someone I don’t wish to mention in my entire life. I don’t know how to react and I just forced a smile when seeing them. I knew they linked me with the person once again, thou’ things are not exactly so. Oh ya by the way, glad to see you once again Daniel~ I didn’t know that it is really you until you told me that you too, saw me..lolz..

And… I realized that some people are really selfish [extremely selfish] that they could even ‘betray’ [yea, sort of betraying] their own bestie. I don’t really mind because I am not exactly her bestie, but all her acts are really too tricky. She is smart but not mentally intelligent. Stop faking, my dear. Hoping that I would not hate you that soon <3

Oh ya, before I forget, I am sorry today if I have said something that offends you. I knew you mind what I said, or perhaps your mood was influenced by something else. Whatever it is, I just don’t wish to ruin anything between us. Once again, I am sorry, please forgive me~ 1 week will pass soon...

{so near yet so far}
{miracles happen followed by another}

Friday, March 7, 2008

A boring post…

03 07 2008
Finally exam had ended…I remembered the day I was reading and memorizing History facts, I thought I would get a C soon, because things simply couldn’t get into my mind. Well I knew that I couldn’t concentrate on Bio, Chemistry, Physics and History test when something bears me in my mind. That’s why I didn’t do well in these tests especially Chemistry =.= how sad…I finally realized that the scolding was true --- I really didn’t put all my effort in it, since it is just a test after all. Or I am more concerned in other things than this exam? My heart simply knew it better than me myself.

A day after exam, some results were out =.= since when the teachers became so efficient? And to my surprise, my result for History is the one that I satisfied the most. But…with those silly mistakes I have made, I felt kinda regretted… Anyway things had passed and this is not any important case I would say here =X.

[P/S: Happy Birthday~ Mum]

03 06 2008

A masterpiece of mine when I was bored during exam =.=

Once upon a time
When things just seemed to rhyme
Once upon a fairytale
When magic wands could make things real…

Once upon a lifetime
A time of yours and mine
A life together through joy and pain
Hope not to part again…

Once upon a sweet dream
Of flawless love, a perfect scene
Once upon a love story
Yet another legend of unsolved mystery…

[P/S: Happy Birthday~ I appreciated this day alot]

Saturday, March 1, 2008

tis dae~

29 02 2008
Hmm, it is a special day today, because this day only occurs once in four years. And.. today I have got caught and scolded by three person, I really deserve the scoldings? Perhaps yes... Well I don’t know if I should say that is a good or bad thing. Anyway happy birthday friend~ You grew 4 years older at once xD.
I feel like it is boring and plain as usual, I was just feeling too plain on everything. Sigh~ Besides, things were kinda rocky, and I was glad that I survived. I had been struggling through this job and I learned to be patient and just take it as if nothing happened. If I don’t keep it in my heart, then nobody else is able to make me sadder because of this =]. Anyway the only and one thing that makes me happy once again is the c-o-n-c-e-r-t.

~29 March 2008
~Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil
It will be a month from now, !!~ looking forward to it^^

Oh my, it is exam again. After PMR, this will be the first exam I take when I am in Form 4. Well, I still don’t realize that I am actually 16 now. Next week this monthly test will start and… I can’t imagine how many subjects I would get low grades in, since after all these subjects are still new for me. In between these exam days, I gotta go for the saringan JUST TO snap photo =.= really wasting my time lerh,zzz…

Anyway after talking so much nonsense, I still gotta go through life right? Just need something to push me, to make sure that I could go through it well.. P/S: Thanks to KS for being someone I 'bullied' when I was sad xD

Smile before I end this post =]..

{{{ How these eyes have wept before,
For now they can weep no more,
Where once they sparkled with life and gaiety,
They now stare into space, void and empty.


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