Thursday, July 31, 2008

07 31 2008~

Happy Belated Birthday, Boon Pin…

Right after school, we lied to him that we were going for meeting, but actually we went to buy him a cake. The weather these days is hot, and we even walked to Baker’s Apprentice, Bee’s, The Store and King’s to check around the price and then get him *this =D. The others ,like SookKuan, YeeWen, SzuWah, ChinThong and KarHerng purposely went there a bit late than us, so that we could get the place ready for him xD. Surprisingly, we reached KFC even earlier than them =.=” where had they been? Haha, they said that they were coming… We went up although we didn’t order anything yet, and set the entire place nicely to welcome them xD.

The birthday boy paid for the meal, and I accidentally picked up the receipt that he left on the floor and I knew that the amount wasn’t small after all =X =X LOL. So… we talk, talk, talk, eat, eat, eat, play, play, play and took pictures! Hehes… But didn’t get to take group pictures because nobody was there to snap for us =.=”

Anyway, thanks Boon Pin for the meal =D and Sook Kuan for being the photographer =D

The American Chocolate~

文彬,你又老一岁了~ xD

Lalala~ xD

Haha ^^

Kumkeiyan Fongszehui Cheongyanhui


It’s Librarian Camp tomorrow =D. Keiyan said that she might not be going to school tomorrow so that she can have enough sleep/time to prepare for the camp? Aww… I am feeling excited over it xD, but still abit worried about the game I planned. I really don’t know if it could really works =’( Plus, it is held from 12 to 2 midnight, I feel bit scared to walk around alone at that time =X =X. I still haven’t decide which pants to wear, because that *duck [quackquack] will be coming, and Teacher doesn’t allow us to even wear three-quarter pants… =.=” should I clip my hair like an Aunty even during the camp, with the presence of *duck?

After the camp, it will be Sunday, a day of tuition in the morning and taking family photos for Sis’ Convo at night. Aww… Then it will be Monday--- a day of BM Oral [do I really have enough time to prepare?] and a bad day for Chemistry Diagnostic Test. Why on Earth do we need to have that test? For sure, I have no time to revise isn’t it? =.=”

*{{{ 谢谢你的爱。
The blog will not be updated until next Sunday or Monday =D

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The unexpected visitor…

I went for Editorial Board candid shots, hence did not attend Mr. A’s class of first period. During the second period, Cheekuan told us that Pn. Bidah was in our class at that moment. I was like, “Oh myyy… why?”. I quickly clipped my hair like an aunty =.=” and went down to the lab. While we were on the way, JJ saw us and told us that Pn. Bidah was indeed next door in our class. Yaya I knew it =X then she told us to ‘pretend’ LOLz, to pretend to be a good girl and be disciplined LOL. So I went into the lab, seeing her ‘teaching’ people to do the experiment.

While others were busy with their own stuff…

Me: Hey why did she come to our class today?
Mr. A: I also don’t know. I was also surprised to see her in my class just now.
Me: [pause] *don’t tell me youuuuu don’t know???
Mr. A: She didn’t say anything to me, and as for me, I also don’t know what she wants.
Me: Err… Is she doing *something to you?
Mr. A: Nono, she is not going to *do that to me. Plus I will be shifting to another school soon. It’s Bukit….
Me: Bukit what?? Bukit Jalil? Bukit Bandaraya?
Mr. A: Oh of course not =]
Me: Aww…

Is he really leaving? Although Mr. A [that’s the name Miss Sim gave to him =X =X] didn’t teach well like other *ordinary teacher, but he still does his job… As what Miss Vun said, we should understand what’s his problem before judging him and giving him so much complaints

*Whatever you say now is no longer important to me anymore... I will never listen to you anymore~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A tiring day today…
During school, She scolded us again this time--- saying that the way of we handing in the exercises is wrong, that many teachers complain about us, that we do not respect her when she is teaching. =.=” She made me clipped my hair till so awful during her class, and she still scold, scold and scold. Aiks… yesterday, JJ scolded us--- for being 15 minutes late to the lab. And shouted at us to go back to our class right then. And today it’s Her turn. >.<>.< After tuition classes, I couldn’t accompany her to take a ride by the bus because I went to buy another thing at somewhere*

(all in Chinese)
Me: Excuse me, how much is this? And do you have one besides this (the one on display)?
Salesgirl: RM 69.90. Nope, this is the last one.
Me: Har? But it is dirty at the side here, and also this part. And you see there are spots here too [loads of complaints over it xD]
Salesgirl: Arghh fine, I will search for the new one for you.
Me: LOL thanks.
Salesgirl: Found already, you sure you really want or not wan?
Me: Yea, do you provide wrapping service as well?
Salesgirl: Yessss, with an additional charge of RM5.00.
[after waiting for 20 minutes]
Me: Excuse me?
Salesgirl: [no response] =.=” {nobody bothers me… }
Me: Yea where’s my softtoy?
Salesgirl: My colleague is wrapping it, why not you pay first?
[RM 69.90 + RM 5.00 = RM 73.90]
Okiee paid.
Then after the fella wrapped it, she hit a number on the calculator- “RM 69.90 – 10% = 62.91”
Me: Huh? I paid already lerh, without any discount.
Salesgirl: You sure or not? I don’t think you paid for it. [sounds like she does not believe me]
Me: Fine, here’s the receipt.
Salesgirl: Oh okiee then. I will give you back the remaining change then.

*Just for this soft toy, I waited for more than half an hour, and Sis even waited for me at BJ LRT Station for 15 minutes =.=”. Finally I brought it home =D. Happy Graduation, Sis~ It’s for you ^^ [I knew you love p.i.g]

*I thought of getting this at first =X =X but it cost more than RM100 =.="

The lying pig~

With the hat it's wearing =D

I simply love its butt xD

Monday, July 28, 2008

07 28 2008~

*Happy Belated Birthday, Kritzhubby and Boonpin.

A lazy Monday. I reached school just right at 7.20am =D; glad I was not late =X. Right after the assembly, Pn. Koek wanted all girls to stay at the assembly and checked one by one. Oh ya, I almost forgotten that she told us to clip girls’ front hair up to the back neatly. Like Bidah Jie always say no more ‘rambut yang berjurai-jurai ke depan’ worh =.=”. So fine, I clipped to the right side, and left some hair at the side. So we walked to the pathway and… she was standing there, checking us. Screw her, she pulled out my hair from the side of the ear and said, “Tunggu di sini”. Ugh. Yea Mayyen, Carol, and Magie also got caught. While standing there waiting, I thought of going up =X. Meichee and her gang also said, “Eyh why don’t we straight away go up arh?”. Brilliant idea =D so we went up =X =X and nothing happened after that… This is just the first day, what about tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? And the days I have to go through T_T. it looks weird to clip all the hair to the back lorh =.=” What a stupid rule it is, somemore she said that her ex-students in Taman Connaught also do this… T_T I hate assembly…

I realized that I still have a lot to do with the plan of one of the activity for the camp. I really have to plan everything properly and make sure that it works. I do hope that it really works. Sorry arh Sook Kuan, for being so slow and doing last-minute work. I think I can finish all the 36clues and the entire planning by tonight, including those rules and regulations thingy >.< hehes…

I look sad today? LOL no… just bit bored =.=” all work and no play makes me feel sooooooo dull >.<

Sunday, July 27, 2008

This is the one~ We paid RM10 to pose with the pony and parrot. LOL and I couldn't forget the word that Spell said to me--- The pony's front hair looks like 杨丞琳。And I replied, "Yea larh, it tail has been permed, you see it's so curly xD". LOL!!! P/S: To anyone who has my photo with them, please send to my hotmail- because I seldom meet you guys online T_T I don't know why =X LOL thanks alot =D
07 26 2008~
Updates bout Photography Competition 2008 of SMKBBSP Photography Club at Zoo Negara =D

*Early morning, I went to school as usual. I met JM and Hsiang once I reached there. They were planning to go downstairs I think xD. After the assembly, I skipped rehearsal again LOL and went up to class to attend History class. When it was almost 8am, surprisingly She asked us if we need to go down now and allowed us to leave Her class before She finished teaching the Zaman Renaissance LOL xD. Iwaslike,'wad?didihearwrongly?' LOL!!!

*8.15am- We went down to eat the food provided. Pn. Raha charged us RM1.50 per head, when it was so yucks =X coz' many people threw it away while eating halfway. Groupings were announced before we got into the bus... Spell reserved a place for me, and we were talking and gossiping again xD.

Our first group picture once we reached there =D *smiles

FiSh + Elephant xD xD

We were e.x.c.i.t.e.d once we saw them!! xD


JM acts cute? LOL hehes

Oh my... Its tongue is so long isn't it? xD

Aslan!!! from The Chronicles of Narnia~ xD

JM~ looks so pro... But still Spell said **** to him LOL

LOL see how tight their hands were attached to. xD

"FiSh + Monkey" photo, but got spoilt by JM for being at the back =X

Cornetto'S Love~ I thought of getting an ice-cream there, but it costs me RM 8.80 each. wth. =.=

Bear~ ugly =X =X

Gigantic tortoise~

JM's emo pose xD. The wording is correct anyway =X

Mini crocodile, it's not a monitor lizard @_@

~^^Resting deer~
Kanga roo =D
Let's go swimming xD
Eat eat eat~

Reward for group leader =D

I was successful being the tourguide because of this xD. Thanks to the map and Wan Yin too, if not we would been lost =X



  • We managed to explore the whole zoo except for the 'Ape Centre' part T_T because they were hungry and we went to The Wild Fast Food Restaurant instead of Marrybrown that I had long heard bout them =.="because the truth is that there is not any Marrybrown outlet also LOL

  • Our group is noisy and full of vulgar =X =X. All sorts of 'words' were heard throughout the trip from our group. Thanks to Spell and Jiameng. Pity Ying Yee and Ann Li for being in the same group with us and were forced to learn and listen to those 'ham' things =X =X aiks..

  • We had fun isn't it? =D we even paid RM10 to snap photo with the parrot and pony... Hehes hope to get the pictures from May Yen soon.

  • And Vivi, I think I have some pictures in your camera, please send them to me as soon as possible too xD

  • This year, we have big family photo =D. Of all the participants of this activity. Hope to get this picture from Ying soon too.

  • Thanks Spell and JM for sparing me some food xD. I was not hungry, but trying to try some each xD. And thanks Spell for the drink.

  • I felt sad for Fungsoon )':

  • Thanks groupmates- Spell, Jiameng, Mayyen, Fungsoon, Wanyin, Yingyee and Annli- for your coperation throughout the day =D. I love spending time with all of you.

  • Congrats Hoe Jun for all the nice pictures. When I saw his photo, I was shocked, "Wow, why so nice one? Envy envy T_T"... LOL he will surely win with his pro photography skill and his DSLR =D jiayouuu on photographing. Our club needs people like you badly~

Friday, July 25, 2008

^^谢谢你一直把我放在心上---让我成为你的目标,当作比较。 其实我真的很感激你叻,因为你让我知道了原来你是多么关心我的。你骂我,常常都不爽我---这证明了你有多么的注意我,对吗? 哈哈,你也让我学到我错在何处,也让我知道了原来在我身边有那么多人支持我的。。。 ^^谢谢你让我做的一切~ 我很真心的感谢你 *wink*

这些那么重要的事情我当然要和**分享啦~ 嘻嘻

我: 他又对我做那些事情了 @_@ 只是这次有点特别--- 因为他用了脏话去咒骂我
: 妹妹,别听他那些废话了。不要去看他那些拉稀了。。。
我: 行吗? 我真的能够一点都不介意那些毒话吗?
哥: 当然可以啦~ 你不需要有报复的心。他这些叫做欺善怕恶。 但是,你答应哥哥, 不可骂脏话哦!
我: 。。。 我当然不会那么粗鲁啦!嘻嘻~
哥: 他根本就是有心来怒你的啦。 你就大人不计小人过吧! 别和他做无聊的对骂吧~

*哥,我不会生气他的,而还很感谢他! 哈哈,所以你放心吧~

The front view * I just got it back today~

The back view *

The oversized Photography Club T-shirt, compared to my Librarian T-shirt =.="

The words shouldn't come out from the film =.="

My new clock =D looks like an u.f.o LOL

*Getting more and more excited over the trip tomorrow =X but I don't want to wear track bottom and school shoes. ugh. P/S: Idon'tmindskippingtuitionforthiscompetition =D

Thursday, July 24, 2008

07 24 2008~

Fact #1 ---I am indecisive…
It’s just between to do or not to do…to go or not go…to skip or not to skip…to tell or not to tell… but I can’t decide because it can affect many people --- although I know that my presence is not important at all. I asked guys and gurls--- different people give me different answer. But I couldn’t wait. I have to pronounce myself an answer as soon as possible.

Fact #2 ---I am careless…
It was important to me although it recalled some unpleasant past. But I lost it this time; I really lost it. There was a teacher walking towards me, and then I took it off and put it under my desk or pencil case [I don’t remember]. When I searched for it again, it was gone… anditwasgoneforever.

Fact #3 ---you hate me…
Full stop. No discussion over this topic.

I just reached home, a bit late than usual because we were waiting for the Auntylily =X to come and give us the club tees. *smiles* we finally have our club T-shirts ready, I hope we could distribute it tomorrow? Coz’ we need it for this Saturday’s event =D. And we finally decided the groups for photography competition (; And I will be in the same group with my close friends--- Spellie, Joeyyy, Jiamenggg, Fungsoon =D weee~. I am glad that I can skip school at Saturday, but also afraid if I would miss any lesson taught during Chemistry.

*[[[ The world is a better place without you….

Monday, July 21, 2008

A typical school day...when it is not…

The timetable has been changed [again] this is already the third timetable we have for this year =.=” So… First period is History, followed by Chemistry before recess. There were piles of homework--- special thanks to Pn. Tan =.= She even ‘threatened’ to finish up the entire chapter this week, which means using 3periods only [again]. My tuition teacher hadn’t even finish the entire previous chapter, my gawd =O. And when I was busy doing History notes, homeworks kept piling non-stop--- BM komsas, BI summary, Math worksheet. I hate Mondays T_T

This Saturday will be a schoolday too. When I heard this announcement, I was thinking, “ohmygawd, how bout our trip? Have to be postponed again arh?”. Luckily, Pn. Raha said that we still have it as usual =] at least it doesn’t disappoint Keiyan. But too bad we still have to attend Pn. Tan’s class since it follows Monday’s timetable. Ugh.

Today she suddenly tells me that we have to change our previous plan as we are not allowed to do “xxx, and xxx, and xxx”. Then what activity should we have at the planned time? It just makes me feel less interested in it, not anymore…. I am getting less and less active in all these… XOXO

Saturday, July 19, 2008

07 19 2008~


当他们介绍个位评判时,真的吓倒我。我突然说,"Ha?他是评判啊?我没有听错吧?”。他是谁哦,有什么资格哦 =X =X。嗨~难怪个位校友说今年的水平真的不太好啦~。 他们也说场地,主持和音响也比去年有很大的分别。当我看见'大喇叭'的演唱时候,我真的觉得他们有机会得奖的叻。但结果总是让人失望的。。。而Spell呢,我觉得他唱的“错了再错”真的很好叻。。。但Spell,不用失望吧~ 明年你一定会做得比今天好的哦!永远支持你哦~

个人赛 冠军- 中一的女生 ~“城里的月光”
个人赛 亚军- 也是下午班的学生~ “西界”。 我看他应该是林俊杰的粉丝吧,因为在初赛时他也唱了JJ的“期待你的爱”。

P/S: 他的声音真的很可爱叻 xD

个人赛 驻军- 廖佩珊,评判说他是最有天份的参赛者,

也得到 组合 冠军

亚军- [粉红魔幻]

驻军- 嘉雯,诗欣,慧旋

最有默契的组合- {{{斗嘴冤家}}} Spell + LiKuen =D

LOL drama!!! Look at Phang Chuen xD

表演? Still get loads of complaints from others =X =X

LOL Sakai damn yeng =X =X

你看见在地下的汽水吗? 是他们唱“当你孤单你会想起谁”的时候用的 [LOL 起谁=汽水]

Mama Treble 的成员正在表演~

Jym 莊靖毅 2006 ATQ Contestant~ 和他的经理人~


Teeyen + Khamun =]


Got it from Kasturi~ ^^


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