22 March, 2009

03 22 ‘09

Yep. Finally the break comes to an end :)
The usual me would lve holiday and sooooooo desperate for it,
But it is in the opposite way this time.
When this one-week-break hasn’t got a good start, I already knew it would turn out bad. Real bad.

Usually my week is fully occupied during breaks (like how most of my friends had trips, functions, vacations and loads of activities). But this time is unusual.

It was miserable
Since *thebreakfast,
The stay-aways,
The confrontation,
The misunderstanding by bestie,
The cnfession,
The stupid Saturday,
And there is no full stop in this list.

I admit that a simple ‘hi’ to *that person is still tough for me,
I still avoid eye-to-eye contacts with the Uber Blind Boy.
I still couldn’t forgive the way *you people reacted although I gave much of my kindness.

And I am learning, practicing, trying, and convincing myself throughout the week. I don’t mind being utterly exhausted during schooldays, for I knew that I could keep myself from thinking bout *these as long as I keep myself busy all day.

*Stop condemning me can anot? == Yet you don’t realize it is your mistake?

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