24 April, 2009

。04 23 2009

The celebration.
It was supposed to be a surprised birthday party when we hid inside Spell’s house with a birthday cake. But his reaction was not as shocked as expected because he sort of knew that we were going to his house. Also, HE DID NOT DARE TO WEAR SHORTS because of this! xD

(: His sweet Mum sent me home and while on the way, we discussed bout my future plan--- OMG I am feared of this topic =X That night, I heard from Spell that Yaki-Yaki is not bad, but I am so sorry that I couldn’t make it because Pn. Lam got me involved in joining some quiz at KDU next Tuesday ._.

。04 24 2009

Only 12 of us are present today, and 5 of us went home halfway. I met Ms. Vun when I was walking down the stairs, carrying my bad. OMG!! Panicked, but she didn’t stop me. I heard that JJ wrote the names of the missing ones in that book. Awww, whether we would be taken disciplinary actions on Monday, let’s pray hard to God from now.

The guavas.
The fruit vendor came to school today and teachers were rushing like mad to buy fruits. And DaddyLoke bought me these :D He talked to me bout my future plan == OmG AGAIN! He told me to pursue my studies in Accountings --- it is exactly the same idea from my Dad too.

OmG Accountings? Shall I? o.O

Famine camp.
P/S: Anyone joining again this year?

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