03 August, 2009

08 03 09 :Happy Birthday to Trishateo.

I didn’t realize that the month of August has actually arrived because I have been dreaming since weeks ago :( And today, the best part of school is not the learning part [that’s obvious], but is when playing with Keith’s DSLR. I will update the pictures with the girls some other time soon, I promise :)

I would never miss out the greeeeeen I saw :)

Keith, you just never mind if I might spoil your precious wife
and give me all the priority on earth to use it. Thanks (:

L♥ve is in the air

The pinky lovey balloons drew my attention very much. I hoped that the teachers in the assembly didn’t realize that I was actually taking photograph of the balloons instead of the performances.

I realised being loved is a bliss in me
Sorry to say that I don’t know how to love others.

He caused my worst part of the day :X

Right before Biology, Shinmei and Eevon came to me, bringing this news,
Mr. Siva wants to see you NOW. Bring along your camera.”

I began to feel butterflies in my stomach,
I was thinking,
“I am not a prefect and have nothing to do with him,
why did he need me for?”

Rushing to the office, I already saw him standing near the staircase.
Once he saw me, I opened my mouth and blurted out some words.

I said “Hi” to him, instead of “Selamat sejahtera, cikgu”. = =

The conversation between Mr. Siva and I:

I: Hi.
S: Oh. What class are you having now?
I: Biology.
S: Pn. Siti Zakiah? So you want to skip her class?
I: Err… [can I say YES? XD]
S: Actually I need you to take some photographs… or you just give my your camera?
I: Nevermind, I can help you snap whatever you want.

[I am afraid that he might see the “inappropriate pictures in it actually =X]

S: Why? You think that I don’t know how to use a DSLR izzit?
I: Har… No lar. I mean I really can lend my hand if necessary.
S: Means you think I can’t take good pictures lar?

*Paused* [*scared T__________T what should I answer*]

I: Errr… it’s okayyy. You can have the camera then. *handing the DSLR to him*
S: *smile, indicating refusal to accept the camera*
I: *Thoughts: Duhhh…then what do you want?*
S: Nevermind, you follow me…

Actually he only needed me to take photographs of the big hole on the ground near the new canteen to report vandalism cases to the government as proofs. But the way he spoke really got me almost fainted =X

T____T I dare not speak to him anymore…

P/S: Congrats Spellman for passing the driving test :D

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