13 August, 2009

I felt bored after coming home from tuition classes.
The mundane life is horrible =X!
Since my parents are both not at home,
Sis and I sneaked out to The Mines
for the nearest Sushi King outlet.

Sushi meal always makes me feel hungry :D

Feast of the month: Unagi fair!

Every waitress promoted on that UglyUnagi = =”
Too bad, Buddhist cannot eat this type of animal ):

:( not much choice available on the conveying belt.
Even my favourite Ikura is out of stock…

Sssssssssashimi set!
:D This is more than enough as dinner…

I am no longer feeling sleepy after one whole day of classes when seeing FOOD,
OMG do I sound like VivianCheong has poisoned me?

Ordered plates and plates of this Both our favourite.

A cultured drink a day, keeps the doctor away.

After the meal, we took an opportunity to walk around and
hunt for shoes stripy wedges!
I have long loved some ballerina flats
but…also have too many at home, so didn’t manage to buy any there ):

♥ Hope tomorrow would be a better day for you and I

*Sorry ; it is a waste of time to say this word. And thanks, your acting is awesome.

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