03 September, 2009

“If ye have the faith as a grain of mustard seed,
Nothing shall be impossible unto you”.

------It is an old English saying;
Received from my English tutor as an energy boost of mine
a day before the trial starts.

I have been asking advice from my besties regarding the relationship to-be. And this tutor of mine is the only adult I consulted regarding my life. I mean, I just don’t have to tell him a single thing and he could really read through my expression! How wonderful. Perhaps he has met plenty of students of my kind…

“You better don’t let me see you going into classes with him anymore.
You’re wasting your time only, do you know that?”

He kinda scolded me on the phone about this last night. I knew what he exactly meant )):

Still being in the holiday mood, I am still building castles in the air everyday, hoping that my life now is still about all sorts of enjoyment and fun. After a week of having examination, I know I have already woken up from my dream. I realize, I really realize that the semi-consciousness in me tells me that

SPM is only 10 weeks away!
Seriously I look into the calendar and count properly = =

And exam seems to make me miss numerous happenings in school.
It seems like I’m not doing my job well nowadays.

Ms. Liew called me up twice today [Luckily she is nice!]
I’ve missed the prize-giving ceremony in the morning,
And missed the cooking competition in the late morning.
Am soon going to miss the closing ceremony of Patriotic Month tomorrow.

T_T What a bad photographer I am.

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