12 October, 2009

My final tuition class =(

Revision class #19

This would be my final week of tuition classes before attending the seminar next week.
And this intensive indicates that I would not be able to meet the people every week anymore =(

From Now 2006 till now,
Attending tuition classes during weekends becomes part and parcel of my life.
3 whole years of being there… I had more than everything to describe.

PTK seminar ; Only RM160 for PTK students =)

I am still supporting this centre, no matter how people told me that other tuition centres provide better and more accurate forecast questions. I believe in PTK anyway :D The three years in this centre made me spend a lot but also gained a lot. I am certain that I would miss the days spent there, the friends I met and also the teachers who change my life

Out of 14 classes for seminar to choose from,
I chose to attend a class that is different from the PTK gang =(
All of them gathered in Tues and Thurs late classes because the class does not accommodate many people, whereas I am following the schoolmates for weekends session.

Even Jenhoe told me that he would be in another weekday class, same as my BestieFarah and BestieVivian.
Why did everyone choose weekdays de T________________T

This is Mr. Rahim, my Form 3 BM tutor. Until last few weeks I met him, he still remembered me and sent his best regards towards me. Not only that, I am actually surprised that he remembered that my cell phone number ends with 7088!!! That sounds almost ridiculous = = because even my own friends don’t remember my phone number.

I feel really upset because the five years we spent in secondary school are going to come to an end soon. High schools are not out place anymore next year =( And we’re graduating in just a matter of seconds.

Goodbye to the sky in Petaling Street! :D

Hope to see you guys some other days. Don’t forget about the trip and outings!

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