13 October, 2009

School on Tuesday ♥

It was last Wednesday since I last stepped into the school.

One week of being away from school made me missed the girls so badly.
Yet the holiday didn’t bring me any further.
Instead of studying, I have been sticking my butt in front of the desktop,
getting myself more and more addicted to The Café World in Facebook :)
This is also partly due to the lack of attention towards me from Mum nowadays.

Today, only 14 of 31 5Gigihians were present.
Having a great time of chatting with the girls,
We seemed to have forgotten to finish up the Maths, Addmaths, History and Physcis homework we brought :X
Happy Merdeka Day to PMR candidates! :D

The SBS prom.

I think this brochure is passed from Stef to Leon and then to me.
Honestly I feel like going because it would be a real grand event
and we would certainly have fun with a whole bunch of friends.
Moreover I have been being crazy over choosing dinner dresses in online boutiques
as the Librarian Annual Dinner is near xD.

Unfortunately, I have not many friends from SBS school =(
And why on Earth don’t our school people have prom nights like any other schools do…

Lunch of the day: Spaghetti
Cheese and herbs cream VS tomato fresh mushroom sauce

It is already the second week Grandma stays in my house.
Although quarrels and inconvenience do happen in the family from time to time,
But I do enjoy the moments spent with her.

Since she doesn’t know what’s called the “Italian noodles”,
so I introduce her with spaghetti as the main course of our lunch today.
Mum tells me to cook with both flavours as we don’t know which would Grandma prefers. And even the mee we choose is the traditional long type,
Instead of the bow tie-like Farfalle.

Honestly I am tired of the dramatic scenes at home,
Hope the quarrels and problems end soon.
May tomorrow be a better day ♥

P/S: Please allow me to countdown, 1 month to go.
I saw your blog, once again.
Please tell me that you're not referring to me )):


  1. ya.. why on earth that our school do not have a prom or graduation ceremony?! haha...
    we should have organised the prom ourselves, if students were more "enthusiastic" at our time... anyway... it's really sad that we do not have a proper graduation ceremony with robes all that... haiz

  2. yeaps, but anyway u can experience wearing robes during the college years >.< i saw your picture in your blog there. aiks, nevermind ba. forget bout prom. there will certainly be prom nights durign the college years too :)


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