17 November, 2009

The most significant day ever.

November 18:
SPM. Sister’s 24.

:D the scenery is awesome! It was the best photo we ever took together, darling.

Finally the day has arrived T_T!

The timetable has been dumped at home for so many days that I don’t care much about it :X
But now… it is really time to look into this in detail.

The first day of exam begins with this. BM and History.

Awww. History is always the toughest one as we have too many things to memorize and read through. Plus nowadays I love wasting my time to blog and upload pictures until... I've totally forgotten that I actually have more to read about for SPM. This 3-letter abbreviation scares me off!

Colorful books! But I’m uninterested in all of them :X

Until now I haven’t get these done yet T______________T
I know it is a total failure because I don’t have the utmost effort to make myself really prepared for the exam. In fact, until today, I AM NOT WELL-PREPARED YET :(

*prays!* God, please bless me.

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