12 December, 2009

Kem Paya Indah ):

Hey, the government sent me a private and confidential letter!
Finally the letter, which I am unwilling to receive, arrives to my doorstep.
Wow. The government just never does anything fast except for this type of thing =.=”
I received it from Pos Laju Malaysia, so efficient huh.

The envelope includes a lot of wastepaper---
Surat untuk ibu bapa, larangan semasa di kem, borang kesihatan, buku panduan, blabla…
The government even provides us with a complimentary
color-printed bus ticket with the name and NRIC.

This fugly book is thin, but full of words.
It advises the camp participants not to bring along the cellphone ):
Should I bring?? T_T I still wanna contact Mama!
*crybaby* Muahahas!

In less than a month I am leaving )):
I gonna miss you peepo <33


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