11 December, 2009

Xmas @ Sunway Pyramid

Santa Claus is coming to town :D
The festive season had finally arrived!

Went to the main stage at Sunway Pyramid to get a shot of this picturesque scene.
It is the myriad lights around the stage that bring the Christmas feel there (:

Magnifique. The best word to describe

This teddy reminds me of Sock Kwan's one because both are from Famous Amos.
): I wonder when would I be able to hang out with them again.

Christmas trees are beautiful only when they're lit by lights.

I'd wish to have better Xmas feel in Malaysia because I purposely arrange my trip so that I can be back around Christmas to celebrate with my kawans and sayangs. But too bad, we seem never to have pomp and galore celebration around most of the years ):

Masquerade? Honestly I don't think this is into the theme.
But anyway it is part of the decoration, so I get some shots of this too.

Famous Amos chocolates!
It is always the best stall for me to get gifts for people (:

Everything around the stall includes--- food stuff, teddies and doggies ONLY.
Awww. I need to meet up Dolphins badly! I had been murmuring bout dolphin show in Sunway Pyramid on that day to my kawans :X It is the first time dolphins ever come to Malaysia for performance. Since we're there, so near to the show stage, why did we miss it T_________T!

Finally our group picture!
Please ignore my BIG, fat tummy =.="

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