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14 March, 2010

Let’s get going!

The first destination: Sunway University College Open Day

Two gentlemen accompanied me to this college, so that I can enquire more on the courses there. I’m really keen on pursuing my studies here, but not anymore, after I saw the fee chart =X

On the way to Bandar Sunway…

Kaisheng was blurblur coz’ he just woke up.
He didn’t put on his safety belt although he sat at the front seat.

Two policemen in a car sped beside us
And asked us to STOP!

We parked aside.
“Tunjukkan kad pengenalan dan lesen anda”, he said to Yang.

The other policeman examined the road tax and boot.
While the policemen were doing their work,
We blamed Kaisheng for not wearing that safety belt =X!

After that…
The MyKad and license are returned, and we could continue our journey.
Without giving any penalty a.k.a Saman

Weird huh?
What happened actually till he stopped our car?
No idea.

Perhaps face problem xD!

Left Sunway University College before having some tea at their San Francisco Coffee Café. Then went to Mid Valley with starving stomach, so opted for Sushi King although all of us were trying to save money nowadays = =

The bill of 3 person meal was RM85, paid by Yang’s BSN Matrix-i.
Now only I know that the ATM card from PLKN can be used as debit card xD.

The Vorpal Sword; In Alice in the Wonderland

The seasonal decoration in the mall now is all about this movie. The centre point is so crowded with people taking photographs since it is a weekend, and I kinda wasted the chance to snap photographs that time =X But Steven promised me another day going there to take pictures together ;D [Please keep your promise =X]

The main purpose of going there is almost forgotten--- EDU fair ;D

People who went there were all busy looking at the brochures of colleges, listening to the consultation by the experts, walking around in search of their best path of future. BUT us… We went in heavily, and saw DiGi campus booth ;D Quickly rushed there, to buy new SIM card xD!

DiGi campus plan:
FREE internet after total usage of the month exceeds RM30,
FREE calls after exceeding daily usage of RM2,
FREE sms to 11 FNF numbers,
1 cent sms to DiGi number,
6 cent sms to other numbers,
25 cent per MMS, and
10 cent / 10 kb of data transfer via internet.

So we bought the very similar number, only the last number varies ;D

And for your information, I won’t be using the old number 0163067088 anymore.
Do kindly contact me for my NEW number if you didn’t get my SMS today (:

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