29 April, 2010

Boost your health!

I was doing my window-shopping when I came across a juice bar. This kind of environmental-friendly outlet is available almost everywhere nowadays.

Wanting to quench my thirst, I ordered a cup of innocent Fruit Crush. The cashier then said, RM16.95 please, thank you.”

At that instance, I was stunned.
What?? RM16.95 for this 380ml drink?

I can’t believe that it costs more than a meal set at OldTown Kopitiam.

Then I give it a try at home.

D.I.Y: Banana Smoothie

The ingredients you need:
Banana, honey, low fat milk, ice and vanilla yoghurt (optional)

Only 4 simple steps to be followed:

1. Peel the skin of banana and cut into small pieces.
2. One spoonful of honey per person.
3. One glassful of milk per pax.
4. Put all of them with ice cubes into the blender and turn on the switch.

;D My healthy smoothie is now ready to be served!

It is actually an energy booster with the high content of banana.

Ripe banana (1 comb): RM2.30
Milk (1 litre): RM4.10
Honey: RM0.20
Ice cubes: RM0.20

With less than RM7.00, you can make it for your whole family especially for breakfast.

Do try it out now! ;D
Drink healthier, live better.

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