25 May, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

The toy box is reopened! ;D
Because Toy Story is back!

Opps, it is Toy Story 3 (OMG TH-ree already!)
Now with its 3rd movie, and come along with 3D screening too!

It will be officially screened on the 17th of June ;D Only one more month to go, ohmygawd I just can’t wait for it! But Nuffnang is giving a golden opportunity for 50 lucky Nuffnangers to watch it on the 14th, which means 3 days earlier, superb right? Thanks Nuffnang for all the awesome chances ;D!

Anyway do you still remember how cute Woody is? If you didn’t watch them before, do watch them online, search for Toy Story & Toy Story 2 and you would understand how much FUN is it with TOYS ;D

In the latest Toy Story 3, I’d wish to see…

Ta-daa! Peas-In-A-Pod! ;D
Plush, smiling, rosy-cheeked peas in a pod!

Hahas, many think that girls only love pink color and hates most of the greens. But me, I honestly love green more than pink ;D ;D!

Oh people, these aren’t the green peas you used to have for meals.

The chubby, healthy peas are safe at green zipper to become the endless entertainment for the kids and infants. When you take them out, it would look like a whole green Rubik Cube right? x)
Oh now I understand that every cute thing is made not only to entertain, but also to educate!

Cute Thing Alert:

Peas-in-a-Pod will quickly become every kid’s and adult’s favorite on-the-go toy.
Even for teenagers who are kids at heart like me too!
I love round, cute things

It also turned out as necklaces, selling everywhere nowadays ;D

Of course, this lil’ cute thing would be my enjoyment too! I’d wished to own a HUGE sized one to become my pillow, bolster, or the must-have to hug everyday ;D

My bed soon, maybe? (;

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