29 May, 2010

Bagan Seafood Restaurant @ Pelabuhan Klang

It’s Public Holiday again, I remembered the last public holiday falls on a Saturday so I have no holiday coz’ my company practises a 5-day work basis.

But this time it is Friday, and it turns into a family day for me! We went all the way to Klang in search of delicious, fresh seafood. Just an hour travel and we reached this awesome Chinese restaurant which serves mainly seafood, freshwater fish, etc (;

Location: Bagan Seafood Restaurant
Lot 4546, Lingkaran Sultan Hishamuddin,
Off Jalan Pelabuhan Utara,
Kg. Baru Bagan Hailam,
42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor.

Thought of ordering mussels, but they’re out of stock. Therefore, clams replaced them (;
It is steamed with spring onions and ginger. The freshness is easily tasted in this way.

Seafood udon mee with black pepper

Apparently the seafood in this dish are just prawns, fish cakes and squid.
But the taste is superb! Suitable for people who love spicy stuff.

Crabby shot #1

Crabby shot #2

Fried meehoon and crab.
This is marvellous! ♥♥♥
The crab meats are really a lot in this dish, and priced at only RM40! ;D

Lastly, in conjuction with Wesak Day, let’s have some vegetarian dish.

Happy weekend, readers! :D

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Happy Birthday again (;

Hint: The memories remain.


  1. haha..wat a feast...but i had vegetarian whole day :-)

  2. wow. u have vegetarian during special occasions? o.O

  3. Omg, the crabs are too awesome!!!

  4. omg ! how you make the first pic so dreamy one ! TEACH MEEEE :B

  5. ok...the meal was was too drooling...i shouldnt sleep till 2 pm that day


  6. nice shotz on d mee! XD im hungry now =(

  7. U drank the clam soup of the 1sr dish? Tats the essence ^^

  8. next time invite me also lahh haha

  9. @jfook: u r crab fans too? x)
    @Shuwen: I used lomo effect from meitu.com. Do download from there (;
    @kumfye: LOL why slept till so late
    @M-Knight: *yumyum*
    @Nana: me too :)
    @Azizan: you love those too?
    @Kelvin: nola i didn't drink those, dont like ginger =/
    @Lukey: thankzya ;D
    @Tonin: you din ask me also >"<

  10. wesak day just like normal only... nothing much special... btw I ate vege for half day on.y... >.<

  11. The crab look so delicious....


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