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15 July, 2010


The official Buy Nothing Day is here!
It might be something you aren’t aware of, it is celebrated on 16 July each year!

Buy Nothing Day is your special day to unshop, unspend and unwind.
Relax and do nothing for the economy and for yourself - at least for a single day.

Can you really buy absolutely nothing for just one day?
You might say “Sure!but can you ACTUALLY go one whole day without transacting ANY business?

  • Are you totally debt free so that you can go a whole day without accruing interest on your mortgage?
  • Are you off the grid so that you can go a whole day without paying the power company?
  • Do you have ANY utilities? Water, Sewer etc?
  • Do you have a cell phone?
  • Do you have stocks or other investments that transact business in your name every day without your input?
  • Do you have other debts, such as credit cards that accrue interest?
  • Can you really go one whole day without buying anything?
Try it!

Can you actually resist yourself by spending a single cent?

For example, leaving your handphone, wallet, credit cards etc at home while you go out.
To me, I really can’t do it! LOLLL

It can really make a difference! Not only about one day, okay? =)

I hope you really get the message of the campaign and realize this.

“Change begins with ourselves”
Do make a difference by supporting this campaign! ;D

Nang if you love this.


  1. haha means i cannot eat drink etc etc XD

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  2. If the campaign is just "Buy Nothing Day", shouldn't be a prob since I am already buying nothing for most of the days of the year.
    Hmmm, interesting. Glad I learn about this day from your blog.

  3. i think im already celebrating "Buy Nothing Day" almost everyday =P

  4. for me everyday is buy nothing day!!haha

  5. buy nothing day?? arrggkkhhh!!!.... so difficultt....

  6. haha .i dont buy anything today coz sleep .hoho .

  7. I never knew.. would totally fail at this.. since at the very least I would buy lunch ..hehe

    MY LATEST ENTRY: Even Mondays are great!


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