29 July, 2010

Lunch @ Toilet Bowl

Don't get mistaken by the title of this entry, I'm not talking about the picture above.

This is the "Toilet Bowl" I mean ;D
It is a T-Bowl concept restaurant!

Feel free to visit their website to know more about
How To Enjoy Eating at The Toilet Bowl (of your house maybe!)

The tables and seats are all from your washroom! LOLOL

Ewww.. Eating POO?!?!

I mean big poo rice, by the way x)
And guess what, big poo rice can be "TASTY" too!

Their colorful and attractive menu (;

This should be awesome! Look at the cheesy baked rice on the toilet bowl.
The price here is as affordable as in Kim Gary or Wong Kok Char Chan Teng (;

And this is my claypot chicken rice. Eyh, why is this not on the toilet bowl??

Wow, tasty pink bowl of noodles ;D

Err... this is... Describe it yourself k? x)

Hahahas! Delicious chocolate ice-cream of poo shape, with colorful decorations ;D

5 Stars! This dessert is highly recommended (;

For now, this outlet is only available in Sungei Wang and Queensbay Mall. But also there are a lot of toilet bowl concept restaurant out there in PJ area with different outlet names.

Do check it out, readers! ;D
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