22 July, 2010

Used Cars For Sale in Malaysia

Used cars. I guess this is the only way for the not-so-rich ones to obtain their dream cars. It may be just inferior goods in the economic terms, P/S: This is what I learned from my Microeconomics subject last month =.=” But when the price of cars rises as well as the petrol, I think we should have reduced the budget on buying a car and save some for the petrol.

After all, driving by yourself is always better than taking public transport and depending on others to fetch you around. During my one whole month in the hostel, I always need to wait for my sis or dad or whoever unoccupied to fetch me home every week. And during my high school years, I used to wait for public transports to tuition centre and I ended up being late, skipping lunch etc.

Experiencing the same thing?

Things like that would NOT happen in your (and my) life anymore if we own a car ;D There goes an idea of used cars, for people who can’t afford a whole new one, for instance students (Students aren’t rich, only their parents are).

Do visit the Malaysia used cars for more information on used cars, and of course you can always find reasonable price here ;D
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