08 August, 2010

GOOD News from FiSh

BIG yay! ;D

I finally own one by myself after bargaining with my Dad for so long. I remembered when I visited Singapore last December, I told Papa that I gonna buy a DSLR there, coz’ the price is cheaper (which the truth is, only a BIT cheaper than Malaysia’s). But of no avail.

And last Sunday, I finally went to Bukit Bintang Plaza to grab a brand-new DSLR ;D

Ta-daa! Proudly present you my Canon EOS 500D!

Till now, I still don’t know how to unleash my creativity via my DSLR =/

Bet I still need lots of practice
and an abundance of knowledge to be absorbed from this photography world );
Hope you bloggers would teach me more on this!

BabyTigger looks more awesome than ever ;D
Even a skilless person who uses DSLR can get a good result of pichas,
compared to the normal compact cameras.

Will finally support Canon always.

Canon; delighting me always :)


  1. Awesome stuff. But why not 550D? Lol. Anyhoos, it's time to shoot ;)

  2. Ya..same question with up-stair. Why didn't you buy 550D? By the way, canon delighting me always too! Happy DSLR-ing Fish!

  3. Wow! Congrats for your new 500D.

  4. Ic. I thought just a few hundred bucks difference. I wanted to get 550D until I've tried D90. Heh, now I'm at the dark side :P

  5. y not 550D? seems wasted to buy 500D when got 550D.

  6. Minat kamera tapi antique camera...

  7. Ahh, I see. Never mind, as long as you enjoy the learning process, what gear also can. That'll probably save some upgrading space for u in the future lol. :D

  8. Hi dear friend, thnx for dropping by. Come back anytime, you're welcome in my blog. Cheers!

  9. Wow, i like ~ good, thumbs up!

  10. wow! congrats sissy :)

    i'm dreaming of one too :))

  11. congrats beb, very nice camera! and very nice pics too! myself also just got a DSLR mine is Nikon D90 and still learning about it.. may we share ideas n tips together yah..

  12. 500D is splendid ! woohoO~ how much u bought it ?

  13. Woo! I too just got myself one of those gadgets!!! But feelin a bit paiseh to use it in public. Cause still dunno how to use it fully. T,T


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