25 October, 2010

FiSh Loves Fish Roe

Greetings to my dear readers! It had been so long since I last updated an entry with my own picture,
so please allow me to camwhore once.

Relax-lah, just one picha niaa =P

Destination of the dae: Sushi Zanmai @ Low Yat Plaza

You know I would certainly order a whole plate of my favourite Ikura

Nope, not one plate, but just a few bits of Ikura in my raw salmon don only ):
Quite enough for a typical girl's appetite, only @ RM13.80

Our appetizer: 6 pieces of crunchy onion shreds and salmon maki

Unagi Don @ RM 16.80
Looks huge eh? But the portion is real small =/

Assorted sushi here ;D ;D

The sushis were shared among all of us (;

It might be a simple, small gathering, but... it's always pleasant to meet up and catch up with you guys. Hope the coming weeks wouldn't keep me too busy to be absent in future outings! ;D

Sorry for the poor quality of pichas again,
No DSLR with me on that dae =/
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