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03 October, 2010

Sing & Eat All You Can!

Time seems like flying in a glimpse of eye although the clock ticks slowly. Now that my one-week semester break has ended while it just started yesterday for the degree students, how unfair =/

But I managed to have some very enjoyable moments with my old friends at this room #26

Oh we had a karaoke session from 5 pm till 8 pm at Red Box @ The Gardens
P/S: This tiny bowl of tidbits costs us around 10 bucks =.="

Meet Mr. J here!
I bet I've mentioned him in this blog for more than a million times!

And also my high school mate, Melissa!
She's currently studying in Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), Singapore.
Therefore it is hard to have gathering with them, unless there are holidays.

It had been so long since I last entered a karaoke room. Traumatized by a past experience, I don't really enjoy singing karaoke anymore. But surprisingly I enjoyed myself tremendously singing with them ;D although...

Mr. J laughed at me loudly when I'm singing a Chinese song!

Ok-lah, I know my singing is bad; But I love singing with you peeps =P

@emomuffin, I don't usually get that high in a k-box;
Meaning you guys really make me feel comfy enough to do so~

2 cups of drinks each person during this 3 hour session at only RM10++ per pax!

Random: Meet my idol, Nicholas Teo ;D

After the karaoke session, we went to search for mouth-dazzling food around Mid Valley. It was already 8 PM ++ when we walked out from Red Box. All the restaurants, (yes I’m not joking, it is ALL) were fully occupied and we could hardly find a nice place to sit down and dine.

When we finally decided to leave The Gardens and head somewhere else for dinner, it took us another hour to search for a not-out-of-service automated car park tickets machine =.=”

9.30 PM: Finally reached the steamboat restaurant!

Located at Kuchai Entreprenuer’s Park, opposite Maybank, near Island Café (得闲过来吹吹水).

It is a family business of Mr. J’s cousins, that’s why we paid a visit here. By the way, it is still quite new, so not many people are aware bout this restaurant, so..

Do have a try here whenever you pass by Kuchai!

Food for only one pax, this is A LOT, don’t you think so?

We were too hungry until we didn’t feel anything already = =||
That’s why we only ordered one person’s meal, and shared.

Our darling wan-tans ;D

By the way, the food here is great! Especially the homemades (; But the tomyam soup is too spicy for me that it took me more than half an hour to reduce the spiciness in my mouth!

The time passed quickly as we chatted more than eating until the clock struck 12.
I finally reached home at 12 midnight (; And slept around 1am again.
Till now I’m wondering how can I wake up early in the morning for classes again =/

My Trimester 2 starts tomorrow; Hope to meet you guys again real soon!


  1. somehow i like the way you blog this post ;D have fun starting from tmr yah :D

  2. By the way I didn't mean to laugh at you! It was just that I didn't hear you singing mandarin songs that often. Sorry if that offended you :(

  3. Hey, if anyone of you is fierce enough and if the staff is afraid of you, you might give back the tidbits to them you know? XD

  4. I hope I can go there . . T_T

    come with peace from Indonesia ^_^

  5. lol so enjoy, I wan wan tan also =P

  6. i never know ur idol is Nicholas Teo! his songs nice =) Enjoy your Trimester 2~ ^ ^


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