01 January, 2011

A New Start.

Life is meant to be colorful, isn't it? :)

Alright, peeps, 2010 has come to an end in just blinks of eyes!
And it's time to have a flashback on the happenings in 2010 ;D

Beginning of 2010:
Just graduated from high school.
Time to live without uniforms! ;D

January - March 2010:

National Service @ Kem Paya Indah, Dengkil

Group picture of all Buddhists in my camp :) Pretty alot right?

My lovely close friends there ;D

And dorm mates who love to camwhore ;D

The memories remain in my heart all the time :)

The life there isn't easy at all, but thanks to the bitterness; It helps me to learn how sweet life could be. The people and activities in the camp really indeed made the best, mesmerizing memories in life ever. Thank you, government for sending me there!

March - July 2010:

Part Time Job @ Genting Office

My cute colleagues ;D

The days with them are more of FUN than WORK. Four months working with them really brushed up my spoken Chinese, thanks for the guidance and love!

July - Present:
Foundation Year @ MMU, Cyberjaya

My darling close friends who entered late for the course, thanks to JPA =.="

They're practically my first few friends when I entered this university.
Together we go for meals, do assignments, attend lectures, and of course celebrate birthdaes! ;D

My second wish: Stay 18 Forever

So swiftly one whole year has passed.
Wish to be a kid once again, with all the pampering and cuddling ;)

New light, new hope, new year.

Happy 2011!
Don't stay in the past; Move forward and live in the present!

May all of us have a better life ahead ;D


  1. 4th picture, the middle one. can introduce? LOLL

  2. Happy New Year!May your wishes comes true.

  3. happy new year Fish. Up for Health !

  4. it's our time to make a history . ,

    happy new year FiSH . , GBU !!

  5. bring it on 2011!
    happy new year fish (:

  6. yeah . , thanks may 2011 brings u luck and prosperity too . , oke . , :)

  7. love the pics a lot...haaa~ why all the bed were outside the dorm??kena denda ker??hiks...

    btw,i cele8 new year by just sit in front of the tv alone!!..watching all the new year tv prog...quite bowink huh..sob3

  8. nice wrap up of 2010!
    happy 2011!

  9. Your memories look awesome! Happy 2011 to u too ;)

  10. Nice memories in 2010, I kinda miss it too.. haha! now 2011 I am thinking to make a difference and concentrate in SPM!

  11. kill germ aka buli ...kan3...haha~

  12. hppy new year haha...those photos look nice !!


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