18 July, 2012

Ramadhan Berbuka Puasa Buffet @ Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Set within a lush, tropical garden, the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa’s restaurant, Fuzion, is offering Middle Eastern dishes every evening from 20 July to 18 August 2012. Middle Eastern Chef Khder Al-Issa, has created a fusion menu to satisfy the most discerning palates.

Fuzion @ Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa will dish out Moroccan (part of Arabic) as well as international dishes for guests to feast on during the ramadhan month. There you enjoy the rich and vibrant Middle Eastern culture by savouring the impressive cuisine.

For the hotel main lobby, it will be decked with Moroccan-themed decoration, while here in Fuzion, the spacious interior will impress you with a scene of Arabian Nights.


#1 Arabic-Styled Whole Roasted Lamb 

From the crispy burnt skin to its tender meat inside, the roasted lamb is grilled into perfection. I enjoy the juiciness of the lamb along with some tangy nasi bukhari. The rice is simply good, neither too soggy nor dry for my taste. 

#2 Chicken Tagine 

 #3 Moroccan Mixed Grill

Another highlight of the Moroccan spread is the mixed grill skewers. The only I try is the grilled chicken skewers, which is fluffy and tender with a hint of sweetness when dipped into Hummus

#4 Ouzie on Bukhari Rice 

Enjoy a lavish spread of authentic Lamb Ouzi, Moutable and Chicken Shishlik with a cup of Turkish and Arabic Coffee or Tea while delighting your senses with flavourful Shisha!

#5 Basbousa

All the petite cubes in orangy shade are the famous Arabic desserts. Made of semolina soaked in sweet syrup, it leaves a good scent and flavour of coconut, yet not too sweet. Others including Baklava, Moroccan Sweet and Dates will satisfy your sweet tooth!


 #6 Steamed Sea Bass 

#7 Barbecue Seafood
(King Prawn, Slipper Lobster, Sea Bass, Mussel, Mixed Grill and Squid)

Celebrating this festive month, the restaurant has two huge Gulai Kawah places outside Fuzion, along with a special corner for live roasting of lamb. To finish the tantalizing cuisine, guests can enjoy the myriads of food at the additional BBQ counters. 


On the other hand, Atrium Cafe at Pyramid Tower Hotel, which is a few steps away from the Sunway Pyramid skating rink, offers an extensive spread of Asian cuisine during the Ramadhan month.

Going back to the roots with the theme ‘Warisan Rumpun Melayu’, the chefs at Atrium Café feature an array of traditionally made Malay dishes with the finest spices and ingredients.

 #8 Ayam Masak Lengkuas

I'm totally smitten with the galangal fried chicken, which is deep fried into golden brown perfection with a strong aroma of local herbs. The shredded galangal itself is very flavourful and good to go with some light nasi briyani!

#9 Gulai Kawah

  #10 Rendang 

 #11 Sup Ekor Lembu dengan Kentang dan Roti Bengali

Another favourite of mine would be the oxtail soup, simply rich with hints of sourish assam flavour. Slow-cooked for several hours, the broth is an enjoyable dish for the health goodness. 

#12 Asam Pedas Kepala Ikan

#13 Bubur Lambok Sulawesi 

#14 Bubur Lambok (Seafood)

During the fasting month, what not to miss is definitely the signature porridge. I find it truly authentic with a good ratio of traditional herbs, boiled fish fillets and fresh prawns. Thick and flavourful, it tastes much sweeter than the usual bubur lambok with chicken or beef. 

#15 Soup Torpedo


#16 Ketupat Palas, Ketupat Daun Kelapa, Lemang, Nasi Impit, Serunding Daging 

The festive season is now completed with the traditional glutinous rice. Sometimes, simple food is where the essence lies in. The perfect combination of rice and rendang simply keeps me reaching for more!

 #17 Pulut Kuning

 #18 Ulam-Ulaman 

#19 Rojak Sayur 


#20 Assorted Malay Kuih-Muih

There goes the colorful kuih which never fails to tempt me with its soft texture enveloping the strong sweet flavour. Simply good and not cloying at all. 

#21 Assorted Desserts

#22 Onde-Onde

The Malacca signature dessert becomes my favourite, as the thick brown sugar burst into the mouth along with the light scent of coconut. And I'm surprised to find that the oozing gula melaka is still very warm in it. 

#23 Tapai

This lightly sweet glutinous rice paste is simply good to go as an appetizer for me, after being fermented for some time to reveal a stronger hint of sourness. As a great source of carbohydrate, I limit myself to one despite of my liking towards its chewy texture.

#24 Chocolate Mousse Cake 

#25 Green Tea and Fruit Puddings

Both buffets at Fuzion and Atrium Cafe are also a host of international desserts, from delectable English cakes to ice creams. If I were to choose the best one, my choice goes to the green tea pudding, crowned with a green tea coated chocolate ball. The strong green tea flavour is well-balanced with the sweet oozing chocolate.

#26 Chef Juzaili and Chef Khder Mohsen Al-Issa @ Fuzion, with Chef Suhalmi @ Atrium Cafe 

Moroccan Delight (20 July 2012 to 18 August 2012)
 RM128++ @ Fuzion, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa 

Authentic Malay Delight (20 July 2012 to 18 August 2012)
RM98++ @ Atrium Cafe, Pyramid Tower Hotel

1. Early bird discount of 30% on dining for bookings made between 1 July to 24 July 2012.
2. Citibank and RHB credit card holders enjoy 25% discount on dining throughout the Ramadhan month. Advisable to make prior reservations. 
3. For reservations, please call +603-7495 1888. Other enquiries, call +603-7492 8000.

1. The overall taste is unique in its way, I enjoy it although I personally don't like Arabian foodstuff.
2. Recommended: Bubur Lambok and Ayam Masak Lengkuas
3. From the authentic Malay cuisine to the creative spread of Moroccan fare, I find it really special and suits the festive season. 

Level 1, 
Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa,
Persiaran Lagoon, 
Bandar Sunway, 
46150 Petaling Jaya, 
Contact: 603-7495 1888
Website: www.kualalumpur.sunwayhotels.com 

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