Thursday, March 7, 2013

Guerlain SHINE Automatique LE ROUGE Hydrating Lip Shine

A Summer Affair with Guerlain

Guerlain SHINE Automatique LE ROUGE Hydrating Lip Shine (US $43.45 for 3.5g / 0.12oz) is a 
beauty asset for the fun and flirty girls. From their 2012 Summer Collection, I have this #260 Jardin de Bagatelle, a very sheer pale grapefruit-pink with gold sparkles.

It is a cheery, light-toned pink with a soft, pearly pink shimmer-sheen. 
Despite of the light touch it gives, the colour is naturally bold, shiny and long-lasting. 

I thought this colour is easily found in other brands, but I couldn't find many that had the same level of shine and pearly finish. Most of them appear more dull, and not as luminous as this. 

It has a pretty opaque color coverage, but I love the light translucency and a shimmer-sheen finish that reflects light and gives off shine but doesn’t look too frosted. Plus, it wouldn't leave your lips sticky or dry after application. The lightly creamy, glide-on texture helps a lot during application. The glossy shine lasts for 4 hours on my lips, and my lips remain soft and smooth throughout the day.

Very suitable for everyday use. 
I have been using it for more than half a year, and am truly a satisfied consumer!

It comes in sleek, gold packaging. Very classy and fashionable.


100% made in France 

Seductive or not? HAHA!

Buy Or Not? 
Yes! For the high quality, long lasting shine and comfort when wearing the lipshine.

Where To Buy: Parkson, Isetan, Tangs, Sogo, etc


  1. OMG It looks so luxe and gorgeous! <3 But the price.... >__<

  2. I don't use lipstick...But this lipstick look glossy..& nice casing ;-)

  3. I love this lipstick, buy it definitely.
    Great post.
    Following you on GFC, you can follow if you like :)
    Gime (From GIG)

    twitter: @Coolrunwaystyle

  4. Simply gorgeous! love it! xx Donah

  5. I love anything w rose and gold! and i love guerlain :D (GIG)

  6. Hot lips are pretty :) love the lipstick
    xoxo KJ

  7. You're right, unique packaging!

    I thought it might be too shiny, but it looks quite natural on you!

  8. It looks great on you. And the packaging is so cool :)

  9. the case of the lipstick is so chic! like it!

    - from gig

  10. ohhh i love the packaging!! :) very nice colors too.

  11. Beautiful colour, beautiful packaging. I really want to try a Guerlain lipstick but at the moment I already have so many lipsticks, I told myself I first have to use one up before I buy a new one.

  12. Look so pretty on you! Love it. And you're right about the packaging. This might end up on my summer lippie list!


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